Yellow and Blue prepare for their match against Wrexham Police football team

Yellow and Blue have started new football teams and are preparing to play against the Wrexham Town Police football team.

The YaB Community Center is on Henblas Street in Wrexham and has a steady stream of groups helping to support people in the community.

YaB will face the police in a community soccer game in March, with their mixed team, although they also run a women’s team.

Kate Williams works at YaB and leads team sessions which are disability and mental health friendly. Kate has struggled with mental health issues in the past and football has helped her, along with YaB.

She said: “I wanted people with mental health issues to be involved in something that was a safe place for them.”

The sessions have seen a positive development since their start last week. They play at the Llay Miners Welfare Institute, which donated the mixed team Saturday sessions to the new team as part of their charity Saturday where they rent the AstroTurf pitch for free. The Saturday session, from 3 to 4 p.m., and the Wednesday ladies’ session from 5 to 6 p.m. are free and everyone is encouraged to participate.

A mixed session on Saturday for Yellow and Blue

They are already preparing their team for their match against the police and hope to get regular matches in the future. They are also sorting out their kits.

Kate added: “I’m working on observing people, how they play and their skills so I can put together the March 5 team when we go up against the police.

“At the moment we have a ladies-only session (on a Wednesday) and then we have the mixed team session on Saturday so everyone can be involved. In March when we play against the police it will be a team mixed. I’m very excited!

“It took off to a point where I didn’t think it would go so fast, so it’s overwhelming but in a good way.

“It’s something I can race and make people happy, I want to give back.

“We want to offer it to everyone at Wrexham, not just yellow and blue customers, we want it to be for the community.”

Beth Klingenberg, Hospitality Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, thinks the new sessions are an exciting development for YaB.

The leader: Beth Klingenberg and Kate Williams at Yellow and BlueBeth Klingenberg and Kate Williams in Yellow and Blue

She added: “I can’t wait, I think it’s really good that they also play police. There are a lot of people (at Jaune et Bleu) who will be involved as well.”

Both Kate and Beth are proud to be involved with YaB, which has helped them personally and enabled them to help others in the community.

Kate said: “So that I could spin my sanity and give back to the community, that’s all I wanted to do.

“We have a yellow and blue thing about having the right ‘why’ and it’s about helping people and supporting them and it’s about not expecting anything in return.”

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