Winston-Salem Honors Wake Forest University Football Team | Local News

The Winston-Salem City Council on Monday passed a resolution in support of the 2021 Wake Forest University football team, noting how the team relied on community support to stage its first back-to-back sales in True Field.

Coach Dave Clawson brought the players to Monday night’s town council meeting to accept the award and thank town residents for their support of the school.

“We are proud to be in Winston-Salem and very grateful for your support,” Clawson told the board. “Wake Forest is the smallest Power Five school in the country. You don’t sell a 35,000 seat stadium without community support, so we’re all very grateful to you.”

The city’s resolution notes the team’s victory at the Gator Bowl on Dec. 31 and how the program tied the school record for wins with 11 during the 2021 season. The resolution recalls how Clawson was named ACC Coach of the Year and notes honors earned by individual players and offensive coordinator Warren Ruggiero.

DD Adams, who is acting mayor and who represents North Ward on the council, told the coach and the team that the stadium is in her neighborhood and that she watches all the televised games, although she does not is not a WFU graduate.

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The game against Pittsburgh for the ACC championship (Wake lost 21-45) had him “falling to the ground and running down the hall,” Adams said.

“I was going crazy,” Adams said. “I had to have a few more drinks. I also want you to know that the city and the people of North Carolina, and I guess all Wake alumni across the country, are so proud of you. You maybe you didn’t win the match, but that’s okay, you won the hearts of so many people.”

Councilman Jeff MacIntosh, Wake Forest’s only alumnus on city council, helped Mayor Allen Joines deliver a copy of the town’s resolution to Clawson and the team.

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