Why hasn’t the Ohio State football team earned 5 stars yet?

Ohio State’s football program has been very good at recruiting over the past decade. That’s why they’ve been one of the most successful programs in all of college football. Recruiting top prospects was the main reason they won as many games as they did.

Looking back at the 2023 recruiting class right now, the Buckeyes are 5th in the nation in recruiting rankings. Even with such a high ranking, the Buckeyes still added only one five-star prospect to the class. Why is that? Is there a specific reason why they haven’t gotten the top guys yet?

The answer to this question is quite simple; don’t panic. The Ohio State football team should land a few five-star kids in this class, they just haven’t made their commitments yet. I would be absolutely baffled if the Buckeyes didn’t end up landing multiple five stars in this class.

I’m surprised none of these guys have signed up yet. I understand that you want to make sure that you make the right decision for your future and that you take your time for it. But I’m surprised none of these young men have yet decided that Ohio State is that place.

Ultimately, this is not an issue that Ohio State football fans should worry about. Now, if the same is still true once July rolls around, then we might have a bigger issue to address. Right now though, patience is in order for Buckeye fans.

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