Who won women’s football today: Brazil eliminated from the Olympics

The Brazilian team drew 0-0 with the Canadians, but lost their spot in the semi-finals on penalties.

The dream of an Olympic medal is over for the Brazilian women’s football team. This Friday morning, 7/30, Pia Sundhage’s side took on Canada and ended up being eliminated on penalties in the clash for a place in the semi-finals. With the fall in the quarter-finals, the team will not even compete for the bronze medal for third place. But what is the result of the match between Brazil and Canada at the Olympic Games?

What is the result of Brazil and Canada at the Olympic Games?

The result of the match between Brazil and Canada was 0-0. With the tie in regulation time, the teams went into overtime in two periods of 15 minutes each. However, the score did not change either.

Neither of the two selections won during the match. In a very balanced match, the green and yellow team even improved their production in overtime, but failed to get the ball into Stéphanie Labbé’s goal. Érika had the best Brazilian chance of the match, with a header, but the keeper managed to defend the goal.

On penalties, the result started well for Brazil against Canada. Goalkeeper Bárbara defended the first kick and Marta put Team Tupiniquim in front of the scorer. Debinha and Érika also converted for the Selection, while Fleming, Lawrence and Leon scored for the Canadiens.

However, Andressa Alves spoiled Brazil’s penultimate penalty and it was all the same. In the final charge, Gilles put Canada ahead and played the responsibility of Brazil to even the dispute. However, Rafaelle lost the charge and the Canadians reached another Olympic semi-final, the third in a row.

End of cycle ?

Brazil’s negative result against Canada in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games could mark the end of a cycle. That’s because Formiga, at 43, and Marta, at 35, may have competed in their last career Olympics. The team’s 8 jersey has already taken part in seven editions of the Olympic Games (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), being the only footballer to have this feat.

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In a post-match interview, Marta didn’t reveal if this was her last Olympics for Brazil, but she will reflect on the situation after the knockout pass emotions.

On the way to the Olympics, the team beat China 5-0, tied the Netherlands 3-3, and defeated Zambia 1-0. In the quarter-finals, Brazil’s negative result on penalties against Canada eliminated the Brazilians in the competition.

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