Washington’s new football stadium will have a roof, but unfortunately it won’t have a moat

Last week, we discovered that the Washington Football Commanders had scouted 3 less than desirable locations for Virginia’s new stadium. It seems more likely than not that Dan Snyder is going to build Danny World in the sticks of Virginia, a long drive with no subway access, so he can continue in his Napoleon complex throughout his life instead of doing what everyone wants, to build the stadium on the grounds of RFK. But the good news is that at least this stadium will have a roof.

Richmond- As Washington commanders buy a new stadium, the question isn’t whether it will have an enclosure, but what type of enclosure it will have.

The team is looking for three locations in Virginia for its new stadium, and a lawmaker who saw the team’s planning documents said the renderings included a semi-translucent roof, like that of the new SoFi stadium in California.

The SoFi roof isn’t retractable, but the sides of the stadium can open up to the elements, creating an open-air feel. AT&T Stadium in Dallas has a similar option, but the roof can also open.

Washington President Jason Wright said it was a decision with implications far beyond football.

“I think there’s a lot of consideration when you think of a business that extends beyond the heart of football,” he said during a speech at the Economic Club of Washington DC “People don’t necessarily want a venue that’s only there for 8 or 10 events a year, or we have a few big gigs, maybe 15 a year.

Finally, the first smart thing I’ve heard from the DC front office in 2 decades. If you’re going to spend a billion dollars on a stadium, you might as well put a roof over that bad boy so you can catch a Taylor Swift concert there. It’s so obvious that I’m always amazed when cities/teams build a new state-of-the-art stadium and don’t cover it. For example, they built a brand new ballpark in MINNESOTA and kept it outdoors. The fucking Twins are trying to lure free agents and have to answer questions about playing in 33 degrees in April. This is madness.

There is bad news, however – our dreams of a moat and a climbing wall outside the stadium have come to an end.

A few years ago, before Wright signed on, an architectural firm retained by the team published renderings of a new, all-outdoor stadium, which included a moat around the stadium.

Wright laughed when asked if that was still in play.

“No no no,” he said. “No outdoor wave pool.”

Giphy pictures.

We want a ditch! We want a ditch!

If you remember a few years ago, seemingly out of nowhere, the Washington…I’m still kicking the Washington football team, I’ll be honest, COs still feel weird on their fingertips …the Washington commanders released a render for a new stadium that looked like this:

This is easily the best thing I have ever seen. A beach, people pushing each other outside the stadium (even though there’s clearly nothing they could even climb) and someone surfing right in the middle of it. The fact that they have already decided not to do a wave pool or a climbing wall is very upsetting news. Looks like they are already cutting corners and the location of the stadium hasn’t even been decided yet. Sad! Are they going to slap this stadium in Dumfries or Dale City and NOT let us climb outside like Alex Honnold? The classic No Fun Snyder strikes again.

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