Washington football team got their ass fucked hard by cowboys, admits Taylor Heinicke

The Washington football team goes down to Texas… and falls, 56-14. Our 10 observations …

10. TKO TT – Two weeks ago in Washington, the Cowboys took an 18-0 first quarter lead. Sunday night at AT&T stadium, it was 21-0 after only 13 minutes of the game. The Cowboys scored three touchdowns before WFT landed their third first down. Ouch.

QB Taylor Heinicke said: “We got our ass pounded.”

9. NATIONAL CONFLICT – We can call shame on the Cowboys for calling in a 35-point punt block and then throwing passes for the end zone leading 49-7, but no way around that – that was one of the points. the lowest in the history of the Washington football team. Worse, it happened in prime time on a Sunday evening. For a while, we feared that the infamous 73-0 loss to the Chicago Bears in 1948 was in danger. The 42-point margin is the seventh worst loss in Washington history and the worst since 2007.

8. SILVER LINING CUT – Antonio Gibson caught a touchdown pass, Taylor Heinicke threw a 48-yard bomb at Dyami Brown and WFT had three sacks (one by Daron Payne, Matt Ioannidis and De’Jon Harris). That’s it. Otherwise, Sunday night in North Texas was totally forgettable.

7. DOMINATION DAK – Let’s face it, Dak Prescott owns Washington. The Cowboys quarterback not only set a season-high in the NFL with 321 passing yards and four first-half touchdowns, he improved to 9-1 against WFT. After the easy win, go 15-1 for the Cowboys in their last 16 NFC East games with Prescott at quarterback. That includes 5-0 this year by a combined 189-81.

6. DEFENSE EXHAUSTED – This is not an excuse, but rather a rational reason. The Cowboys went through Washington’s defense like a knife in hot butter as it lacked its top two tackles – Landon Collins and Cole Holcombe – as well as starting cornerback William Jackson III thanks to COVID.

5. NFC LESS – Still hard to believe that coach Ron Rivera’s team won this division with a 7-9 record in 2020. Because in 2021, the Cowboys have 11 wins and flirt with being the best team in the world. NFC. With the Dallas title, the NFC East has a different champion for the 17th consecutive season. No other division in the NFL has gone past three years without a team winning it in consecutive years.

4. HISTORICAL EVENT – In 1,008 games in 62 seasons, Sunday night marked the first time the Cowboys had touchdowns scored by an offensive and defensive lineman and a special teams player in the same game. I have to believe it’s been a while – if ever – since Washington made such a winning trifecta. But the truth is, we are too depressed to dig deep and search.

3. REVOLUTIONARY INVERSION – En route to the NFC East title in 2020, Washington went 2-0 against Dallas by a total of 66-19. This year, the Cowboys have won both games 83-34.

2. NAIL IN THE COFFIN – Of course, Washington always has a mathematical – five percent – chance of making the playoffs, but who are we kidding? At 6-9 and given that embarrassing prime-time loss, this season is kaput. If you still have hope, a loss to the Saints on Monday night would increase WFT’s odds by seven percent.

1. HOT SEAT – Ironic that Washington stole the Cowboys idea and imported its own heated benches to Arlington. First, the roof was closed on a balmy night at 75 degrees. Second, spirits heated on the bench in the first quarter when WFT defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and Payne got into a physical altercation. During animated lyrics, it emerged that Payne had dug his index finger into Allen’s forehead and Allen responded with a punch. One day, the Ghosts of Christmas Past will haunt Washington fans with this game’s weak spots.

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