Wash the football team high training shoes | Local news

The Washington High School football team is holding a fundraiser for a shoe drive until January 30 to raise funds for the team.

The football team, through the non-profit organization Funds2Orgs, will earn funds based on the total weight of lightly worn, used and new pairs of shoes collected. Funds2Orgs will purchase the shoes collected and the amount collected will help cover various expenses throughout the football season. Anyone can help by donating lightly used, used and new shoes to the Wash High Athletic Office.

Funds2Orgs donates the collected shoes to a network of microenterprise partners to help microentrepreneurs create, maintain and develop small businesses in developing countries where economic opportunities and jobs are limited. The proceeds from the sale of footwear collected during fundraising are used to feed, clothe and house their families. A budding entrepreneur in Haiti even made enough money to send his son to law school.

“We are delighted with our shoe drive. We raise funds for our players and we are fortunate to help families in developing countries who are in need of economic opportunities. It’s a win-win for everyone, ”said Mike Bosnic, athletic director and head football coach.

For details on the shoe drive, call Jackie DeCosta at the sports office at 724-223-5084 or email [email protected]

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