Univ. of Nebraska asks for fan input on football stadium update

Memorial Stadium in Nebraska could see its capacity reduced from the current 85,450 as part of potential updatesGETTY PICTURES

Univ. Nebraska Athletic Department officials and other stakeholders in the coming months will have “in-depth discussions about the appearance and amenities of Memorial Stadium,” and there “will be changes,” according to LINCOLN’s Steven Sipple STAR DIARY. The scope of these changes is “unclear”. But there are “lots of possibilities on the table”, including “reduced capacity”. Nebraska sent out market research in recent days that will reach nearly 200,000 people, and it includes a “predictable” question: “What is your attitude toward the future sale of alcohol (e.g. beer, seltzer, wine) in Memorial Stadium during games?” Eight of the Big Ten’s 14 schools “currently allow liquor sales to the general public at games.” The survey also includes questions about a “seating equity plan that could reduce the average ticket investment for all fans”. Nebraska AD Trev Alberts noted that 29% of premium seat fans “pay no seat license fees at all,” while others may “pay upwards of a few thousand dollars in fees.” Alberts also mentioned the “possibility of reducing capacity from its current 85,450”. Alberts: “How can we reduce capacity — make it more comfortable, make it fairer — while protecting our revenue stream? Which means you might have to introduce different tiers of premium spaces, which will help offset the loss of income.” Sipple notes that Nebraska is conducting a “concurrent hospitality study that will examine expectations in areas such as food offerings” (LINCOLN NEWSPAPER STAR, 1/17).

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