Theresianum Eisenstadt in the final

It was such a sensation – the players of the high school in Vienna Polgarstraße were devastated and the students of Theresianum in Eisenstadt celebrated with a 1-0 victory in the semi-finals, thus reaching the final. “To be in the national final with the girls is of course an exceptional event and we are very happy about it”, says Christoph Schalling. “It was impossible to imagine that we would go this far, but now we have achieved it and we are very happy,” said Helena Strobel.

In the 12th minute, Helena Strobel scored the decisive goal to make it 1-0. This is not his first important objective. “You have already scored our goal in the national final, the decisive goal. Well, it’s a great feeling when everyone is running towards you and everyone is looking forward to it.


The Theresianum team – in light green – were delighted

Team spirit and defense

The secret recipe of the women of Eisenstadt: team spirit and above all their defense. Goaltender Katharina Gartner didn’t have to follow her once during the entire tournament. “I have a great defense with our Secretary of Defense Michelle. Left to right Lisa and Hannah are also back bombs. Well that’s always how I run it,” said the guard Katharina Gartner.

As host, Burgenland can provide a second team for the national final. Neusiedl had no chance in the team matches and lost four times 0:4. In the match for ninth place, the 3:1 victory over Schwaz was a conciliatory result. “It was a very good experience, the public encouraged us and I’m very happy about it. Leonie Beecher says:


Theresianum. Crew

“Everything went well”

On Wednesday, in addition to the final, there will also be a match for third place, after which the championship will once again be history. About 150 players and managers from all Länder take part in Neusiedl. In any case, the first conclusion is positive. “Everything went well and if things continued like this tomorrow and there were no injuries and the games continued to do justice, I would be happy,” said Jacob Knobel.

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