The magnificent football stadium that will trap you in its maze – Thick Accent

Football is a sport that can produce real spectacles.

Last-minute winners, fiery derbies, miraculous comebacks, the world of football has witnessed it.

But often the arenas that host the beautiful game are just as awe-inspiring as the action on the pitch.

Examples include the futuristic dome of the Allianz Arena, a modern wonder of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, and nothing beats the intimidating cauldron of Camp Nou. To rival these magnificent places, a real architectural marvel is located in Felcsut, Hungary.

And while it may not match those mentioned above when it comes to ability, it can certainly hold its own when it comes to beauty.

The venue in question is the Pancho Arena, named after the legendary Ferenc Puskas, and ‘Pancho’ comes from the nickname given to him at Real Madrid. Designed by renowned Hungarian architect Imre Makovetz, the 130,000 square foot arena has been described as a “luxury stadium”.

And with every crevice in this majestic place oozing with opulence, there’s plenty to back up that claim.

Made mostly of slate and wood, the venue features a slate roof which took 7 months to make. The columns are inspired by tree branches, they come alive near the roof and provide plenty of luminance.

Additionally, the stadium also features stained glass panels, replicating the aura and aesthetics of a church. It is, however, insufficient in terms of capacity, as the stadium can only accommodate 3,816 spectators. The stadium is the home of Puskas Akademia FC, an elite Hungarian football team.

Needless to say, Puskas Arena is perhaps the most unique football stadium in the world. And the team that is lucky enough to play there regularly should consider themselves lucky.

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