The Indoor Football League Championship game is held at Henderson for three years from August

Chuck Brennan, CEO/founder of short-term loan company Dollar Loan Center, wears a shirt with the IFL National Championship crest.

By Alan Snel of

For super sports fan Steve Sisolak, what a glorious time to be governor of the great state of Nevada.

One night, he hangs out with Las Vegas tourism chief Steve Hill on the Strip and touts a Formula 1 car race on the famous Las Vegas boulevard starting in 2023. Another night, Sisiolak sits next door. of Raiders/Aces owner Mark Davis and hits the air above him to celebrate a Las Vegas Aces win over a tough Seattle team in the WNBA on Sunday night.

And then at 1 p.m. Monday in a new arena in Henderson, there was Sisolak, holding a soccer ball and celebrating that the Dollar Loan Center arena will host the Indoor Football League Championship game on August 13. .

Sports Fan Governor Steve Sisolak

I guess if you like hyperbole, the game is the Super Bowl version of the 14-team league. And since Las Vegas is the hottest sports market on the planet – and an Indoor Football League team called the Vegas Knight Hawks just happens to play in this new 6,000-seat arena – the IFL commissioner , Todd Tryon, thought it would be a great idea for The Dollar. Loan Center will be the neutral venue for the league title showdown.

“When you get the Governor and Chuck Brennan together, that’s a big deal,” Tryon said.

Like I said, it helps if you’re into hyperbole.

Officially speaking, the IFL Championship Game has a title sponsor – none other than Brennan’s Dollar Loan Center short-term loan business, which also owns the naming rights to the $84 million arena that is owned technically to the town of Henderson. The city and Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley each paid $42 million to build the venue, which opened just three months ago.

The building will host the Dollar Loan Center IFL National Championship for three years.

“Everyone wants to make Las Vegas their home,” Sisolak said of sports promoters and developers interested in Sin City.

Gov Sisolak seated next to Raiders/Aces owner Mark Davis on Sunday night during an Aces game

Brennan, who started the short-term loan business in 1998 and is the CEO, said the average ticket for the IFL title match in August would be $75, ranging from $50 to $250.

Each of the two teams will also have 1,000 tickets to sell to their respective fans, Brennan said. He noted that most of the fans attending the game, perhaps 75% of them, would be locals.

IFL commissioner Tryon expects some people from every team market in the league to attend, “whether it’s two or 200”.

Henderson Mayor Debra March was unable to make the announcement, so Henderson Councilman Dan Stewart came off the bench to make some comments. Stewart called it a “complicated and complex” task to sell 6,000 tickets for this championship event, as the teams would not be known for at least two months.

The Vegas team travels to San Diego to tackle Strike Force on Saturday. The IFL’s San Diego Strike Force team has a unique characteristic: it is controlled by the only Asian-American woman, Vivi Lin, to own a professional soccer team.

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