The greatest football stadium tragedy of all time

Football normally involves a lot of positive emotions. After all, the excitement felt after a team the people support scores a goal is incredible. The website 1xBet is for sports bettingand it can be used to bet on the best football matches played around the world.

However, sometimes this sport is also surrounded by tragedies that unfold in the stadiums. When one thinks of situations like this, the first examples that probably come to mind are Heysel and Hillsborough. They concerned European football competitions. In addition, the 1xBet website is intended for sports betting on these entertaining championships.

The Estadio Nacional disaster

Hillsborough and Heysel were horrible tragedies on their own. However, looking at the numbers, they pale in comparison to what happened on May 24, 1964 in Lima, Peru. It happened during a match between the national teams of Peru and Argentina. The website can be used to bet on all matches that these teams have regularly played.

The contest in question was for a place in the 1966 Summer Olympics, which were to be held in Tokyo, Japan. The Argentinians were winning 1-0 and as such they would go to the Olympics rather than the Peruvians. By the way, Olympic football can also be very entertaining, and 1xBet is the best place to bet on its matches.

A few minutes from the end of the match, the Peruvians scored 1-1. This would force a replay between the two teams. However, the referee decided to disallow the goal. The home fans were absolutely furious with the referee and as such they stormed the pitch and clashed with the police.

huge consequences

The consequences of the outrage felt by Peruvian fans were horrific. Whenever the Peruvian national football team plays, you can do all live sports betting – in all matches of this team. What happened after this land invasion can be summarized as follows:

More than 300 people died; more than 500 people were injured; and this was followed by multiple incidents in the rest of the city of Lima.

In purely sporting matters, Argentina won the match and, as such, qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

The 1xBet website offers options for making all live sports bets on all disciplines that are part of the summer and winter games. Yet the purely sporting aspects of what happened that day in Lima were overshadowed by this immense tragedy.



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