The Gila Ridge football team is ready to take flight for the 2022 season

The Gila Ridge High School football team had a tough season in 2021 and now they’re looking to turn things around

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Gila Ridge went from being one of the top teams two years ago to class 4A deep last season.

Now in head coach Jessica Slaughter’s second year, she says this season will depend on the work her team has done.

“Honestly, they are excited. They ignite every day. We don’t have to ask them to get fired. They’re already there,” says Slaughter. “There are times when we have to ask them to slow down because you know they’re trying to hit before they should.”

Coach Slaughter says the boys were working this offseason.

“We had a ton of kids for spring work, a ton of kids for summer,” Slaughter continues. “We’re really fine-tuning things, trying to sort them out before our first game.”

According to Slaughter, a strength of this team is senior management.

“This was my last group of freshmen that I coached, so I got to work with them for four years and watch them grow from the freshman to the leader they are now, c is amazing,” says Slaughter.

Slaughter mentions lead linebacker and running back Chase Kammann, who she says is always capable of taking control of a situation.

Kammann explained his duties as captain and said he will push his team by being a good teammate and leader.

“If they’re wrong, bring them in, tell them you figured it out next time,” Kammann says. “Don’t worry and keep your head up.”

As for what he hopes to accomplish this season, Kammann’s goals are simple.

“Starting the championship from goal town, finishing the championship from goal state,” Kammann continues.

Coach Slaughter says this team is capable of anything.

“They’re all unstoppable gas, tough, tough kids who love the game and are there for each other and there to support each other, so be ready for a fight,” Slaughter said.

Gila Ridge will play its first game against Southwest at El Centro on Friday, September 2.

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