The Funniest and Best Fantasy Football Team Names

Choose the right one premier league The name of the Fantasy Football team is always crucial and you certainly don’t want to have the same as everyone else in your league!

Whether you’re looking for a pun on your club’s new arrival, need to remember the classics, or just want a name that will light up your league, we’ve got all the bases covered.

We’ve rounded up a whole lineup for you in one destination to save you hours of scouring the internet (or heaven forbid) so you can focus on picking out that winning lineup.


Boom Xhakalaka

Nket-outta here

Bellerin than outside

Nelson’s column

remember the years


Sambi on ice

You Tierney are everything


Stranger Mings

hit the target

Flying without Mings

I have not got the faintest idea

Lord of the Mings

Fly without Ings

Lord of Ings

Foreign Engineers

come worthy with me


Moore, Moore, Moore, do you like it?

Get Lowe, get Lowe, get Lowe


Raw white tip

Downtown Dunk

Serious misconduct

Put a Dunk on it!

Lallanas in pajamas


Show me the Toney!

My sunshine Raya

Thomas the Engine Frank

The Goodes die young


Old Havertz Kai Hard

You Kante be serious

Netflix and Chilwell

Werner’s originals

Karma Pulisic

Loftus- Cheeky Nandos

Curious Jorginho

Kepa clean sheet

crystal palace

The Kouyaté Kid

What is Schlupp?


Eze does it

Knowing me, knowing you (Zaha)


When Harry Met Alli

Iwobi Wan Kenobi


It’s so Craven

Nice to Mitro

The Ram Team


Leeds for example

No place I’d be Radebe



The Vardy Boys

Veni Vardy Vici

Yes Ndidi

Barnes & Nobles

Castagne now, you Castagne

Nottingham Forest

Samba No. 5

Joe the Lolley-Pop Man

Brice your life


Alfa Romeu

Biggie Smallbone

obamiliar face

The Lion, the Witch and the Ward-Prowse


La Moura Merrier

A Song of Ice and Dier

The sound of Lloris

Lloris the dogs

Citizen Kane

No Kane, no gain

Gone with the winks

West Ham

Let it go like Diop

Holding of forums

Rice, Baby rice


Return of the Neto

Put a Dendonck on it

salt and vinegar

Neves says never

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