The Editorial Board: Vaccination requirements at soccer stadium and hockey arena serve the public | Editorial

Along with death rates, hospitalizations are also increasing in Erie County, Poloncarz said. In other places, preventable overcrowding by Covid patients has led to a lack of treatment for people with other serious conditions. In Texas last month, a decorated Army veteran died of a treatable case of gallstones because no beds were available in Houston. It’s a predictable cost of mindless behavior during a pandemic. It will also be an increasing risk as fall arrives and people congregate indoors more frequently.

Poloncarz had previously tried to institute a similar requirement at the county-owned Highmark Stadium, but he backed down after a dispute with the government of the day. Andrew M. Cuomo. It may just be a coincidence that he returned there after Kathy Hochul – a Bills fan – took over as governor, but Hochul as governor has supported the mask and vaccine mandates.

Resistance to vaccines – based on ignorance and selfishness – compels New Yorkers to use every tool possible to induce responsible behavior. In sports-mad Buffalo, a vaccination requirement at its large sites may be the go-to solution, not only to increase vaccinations, but also to protect public health – not to mention the economic interests of the facilities themselves. Nobody wants more closures.

As you might expect, criticism is leveled at Hochul and Poloncarz. One exaggerated commentator shouted that the county executive was a “tyrant” to protect the welfare of county residents. This man needs a history lesson. In fact, the county governor and executive live up to their role as public servants. The pandemic is real. It is often fatal. Their response was thoughtful and proportionate.

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