The blunder of team president Jason Wright

Twitter is on fire with WFT fans expressing their hatred, slurs and curses at Washington owner Dan Snyder after Sunday’s embarrassing 56-14 loss to Dallas.

Team play was embarrassing, lack of urgency was embarrassing, 42-7 at halftime was embarrassing, and the 56-7 score before Washington’s late score was embarrassing.

Now we also have to consider the questionable behavior of WFT President Jason Wright. Wright late on Christmas night tweeted the following:

Now, why would an NFL team president even consider tweeting a photo of Santa and a snowman urinating on another NFL team helmet? Even more, why wouldn’t a team president have the discernment to see that this was quite unprofessional and inappropriate before clicking “send”?

Wright is the team president; he must be a leader. Leaders must lead. Leading in a direction of wisdom, knowledge, professionalism, maturity. In other words, as fans lose their minds on Twitter, shouldn’t leaders be the ones above such youthful behavior?

His biography on the WFT website reads: “Wright is responsible for leading the business divisions of the organization, including operations, finance, sales and marketing …”

With a lot of talk about a culture change needed due to owner Dan Snyder’s behavior, now we also observe Wright “leading” with this unprofessional behavior?

When he was challenged on Twitter by fans in Washington, Wright, instead of setting the bar high, arming himself and confessing his wrong (see Jonathan Allen who took full responsibility for his actions by hitting a teammate), Wright chose to tell fans in a tweet from

What would you think of the president of one company tweeting this photo of two urinating on another organization? Would you hesitate to entrust your business to this CEO?

I wish Wright good luck; hey, i want this organization to run on and off the field! I not only wish the success and prosperity of the organization, but I also want this organization to be respected, trustworthy again (think Joe Gibbs).

Wright’s demeanor resembled a high school student at best, but then turned away from his own paying customers and told them to “relax”? Is it prudent and insightful leadership?

Good leaders show respect for others and take responsibility for their actions. We have all failed from time to time, and I confess that I am not innocent. Wright’s disrespect for Dallas (or any other NFL franchise) revealed that he, too, needs to step up and raise the bar in his leadership.

I know Ron Rivera is not Wright’s boss, but I hope Rivera has the courage to tell the truth to Dan Snyder and Jason Wright, who both need to be part of the culture change and lead in better direction.

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