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the passion that people can feel for football is something that many others simply cannot comprehend. A consequence of this passion is that at all times people want to follow football live today. there are different ways to do this. For example, it is possible to:

  • go to the stadium ;
  • follow an Internet, TV or radio broadcast;
  • or visit a great football website like Azscore!

Azscore is a website created by other football fans. They saw that a while ago there was no other way to follow live football for those who couldn’t be at the stadium or in front of a TV. This is why they created the platform in the first place.

This portal tries to achieve different objectives. Firstly, it wants to provide as many fans as possible with the best coverage of a wide range of tournaments. This is why this portal currently covers dozens of different competitions in so many countries. In fact, today’s live football platform offers much more than today’s most popular competitions. This is what sets this particular website apart from its direct competitors.

How to follow the Champions League schedule

Now is the perfect time to show how powerful Azscore can be for all football fans. The UEFA Champions League is a very dynamic tournament. Although it is a European tournament, it has followers all over the world. For this reason, Azscore offers its great Champions League section for all football fans. They all want to know what is happening, according to many, in the best club football competition in the world.

This calendar has many features worth highlighting. First of all, it is able to display all matches of the current UEFA Champions League season. This means that people can follow the progress of any specific team. From there, it will be possible to try to guess what their prospects look like in this competition.

Azscore has a very important goal to fulfill: they don’t want any fan to miss their favorite game due to time confusion. Unfortunately, this is something that happens too often. That’s why the Champions League schedule allows people to see match schedules from the perspective of the time zone where they live. This is particularly useful, as these matches are played across Europe. This means they have variable time zones and more scope for confusion. With Azscore, this will never happen again.

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