The 20 Best College Football Jobs Today, Ranked

In light of Clay Helton’s firing from USC, the conversation about the best job in college football has become a topic of conversation and there is no clear answer.

USC has a vacant coaching position after the long-awaited firing of Clay Helton. The Trojans job should be, can be, and has been one of the top three to five jobs in college football. But is it today? It’s been more than a decade since Pete Carroll walked the sideline and even longer since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush won the Heisman trophies and the USC dynasty ruled college football.

Since Carroll left USC for the Seahawks after the 2009 season, the Trojans are 84-47. Record of 66-30 in the Pac-12 and a bowl record of 3-4. USC won four Pac-12 South division titles, a Rose Bowl and a Pac-12 championship, the last two coming under Helton, and six seasons ended with the Trojans ranked in the Top 25, two in the top six.

They went through coaches (Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, interim Ed Orgeron and Helton with great seasons but more average and disappointing seasons. USC can win national championships with the right coach, but the right coach has eluded them .

With USC football looking for the right coach, again, where does it rank among other programs when it comes to evaluating the best jobs in college football?

A number of factors and variables come into play in answering this question, and each candidate will assess them differently. Also, the best job may be a place where you never win a national championship, but where you can have job security for life just because you win seven to eight games every year.

Northwestern isn’t a better job than Alabama, but that’s for Pat Fitzgerald.

Considering current success, historical pedigree, willingness to spend, facilities, boosters, fans and fan expectations, recruiting footprint, athletic director and university administration serving as primary factors that make a job attractive or not, these jobs are the best football college jobs.

Best College Football Jobs, Ranked

  1. Alabama
  2. ohio state
  3. Georgia
  4. our Lady
  5. Clemson
  6. USL
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Texas
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Oregon
  11. Michigan
  12. Penn State
  13. Florida
  14. USC
  15. Auburn
  16. Miami
  17. state of florida
  18. North West
  19. North Carolina
  20. UCF

There are drops and levels in college football’s best jobs, just like in the AP Top 25. There can be a big gap between job #5 and job #6, just like there can be a huge gap. between team n°5 and team n°6.

There is clearly a top 10 best college job and you can mix and match some of the teams however you like depending on which variables you weigh the most. Most will have the same top 10 teams, but the order may be slightly different.

Beyond the top 10, it gets interesting and a bit complicated.

How important are past successes to you when considering the attractiveness of a job today and for the next five years? Michigan, USC, Miami and Florida State are all historic programs with championships, Heisman winners, NFL players and legendary moments. However, currently they are not living their best life.

This group may get back into the bottom of the top 10 jobs when they start earning at this elite level, but until then, they’re not the top jobs as fans would like to believe.

Without a doubt, USC has the best chance of former big jobs returning to the mix with the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and the elite. Outside of Florida, California has the highest volume of recruits each year. They also have a higher proportion of great quarterbacks. They just let them out of state, including Bryce Young from Alabama and DJ Uiagalaleli from Clemson. When USC starts getting those quarterbacks again, skill position players and offensive linemen will come and play with them. USC has inherent advantages that some of the best jobs around don’t.

15 years ago, who would have thought Clemson would be one of the best jobs in college football? That’s why hiring Helton’s replacement is paramount. USC can’t swing and miss again and let another decade pass.

FOX broadcaster Joel Klatt reveals his top 5 college football jobs

If you don’t like my list of the best jobs in college football, then you might agree more with FOX college football broadcaster Joel Klatt and his top five?

SEC Network host Peter Burns listed his top five jobs and some honorable mentions.

SEC Network’s Peter Burns lists his top 5 college football jobs

The college football media got the memo that we’re supposed to talk and write about the best jobs, so expect it to be a topic of conversation on Finebaum and wherever you consume your favorite college football podcasts and articles. .

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