Surrounded by snow, the UMD football team begins spring training

Practice will culminate with the UMD spring game, scheduled for April 22 at Malosky Stadium.

DULUTH, Minn. – With temperatures hovering in the 30s, the UMD soccer team kicked off spring training Monday at Malosky Stadium.

“For the past few weeks, we have been doing training simulations. But that’s the real deal,” senior linebacker Cole Refsnider said.

Starting this week, new players are getting acclimated to UMD football.

“Spring training is becoming more and more important for these guys to focus on our fundamentals and our patterns in all three phases of the game and have a chance to improve and prove they have the opportunity to play. for us next fall,” head coach Curt Wiese said. noted.

And the upper classes will get back into the swing of things, especially the seniors who have decided to come back for another year.

“Pretty much a no-brainer. I was talking to my parents, just deciding what we wanted to do. I decided to continue my education, which made it easier for me to hold on and come back next year,” senior running back Wade Sullivan said.

And in a scene that has now become a tradition, the whole field was surrounded by piles of snow.

“I’m a little used to it now. But when I was a freshman, I was definitely like it was crazy. You know, we’re not used to having four-foot or even 12-foot snow banks there,” Refsnider said.

“Guys who come from warmer climates like Las Vegas, it’s funny to see the freshmen still here with sweatshirts and hoodies under their pads, and the sophomores and juniors are finally passing not having sweatshirts in their pads on days like today. We all get used to it. We embrace it. It’s part of UMD football,” Wiese said.

After a successful 2021 season, the team says this is the first step in continuing the winning tradition at UMD.

“We definitely have a standard for us here at the University of Minnesota Duluth and that’s winning games and having successful seasons and that starts with the guys we have here,” Sullivan said.

“What we’re trying to bring out of the first week of practice is to make sure that our upper class students are able to lead the way we want to and our lower class students are led the way they should be led. ‘be throughout the workout,’ Wiese mentioned.

Practice will culminate with the UMD spring game, scheduled for April 22 at Malosky Stadium.

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