Soccer Saturday Star Slows Down The Pace Of Life

It seems that I’m not the only one who has rethought, since confinement, how I spend my time and effort. Before, I was focused on working nonstop, but now, at 52, I want to slow down considerably and have more time to have fun.

I’m slightly ahead of Jeff Stelling, who came to the same conclusion at the age of 66, but according to 2,000 people polled by Abbot Ale, I’m late for almost half of the good people, who say they like to slow down from 43. I don’t know if these are young people who think 43 is old do you think!

As any regular viewer of the popular Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show will know, Jeff is stepping down as presenter at the end of the season, having hosted it for 25 years. Jeff has teamed up with Abbot Ale to introduce the nation to a new concept of pint drinking in British pub culture.

Abbot Ale came to the conclusion that the fast paced lifestyle may well be rethought, especially as we Brits work some of the longest hours in Europe, averaging 42.5 hours worked per week , which gives us barely seven and a half hours a week.

In light of all this, Abbot Ale’s mission is to get the nation to slow down and savor.

Jeff Stelling got involved to spread the word by saying:

“As I get a little older, I try to slow down! Life is always so hectic but I want to enjoy pleasures such as a dog walk, a round of golf or above all a good pint! I say bravo to those who have the opportunity to slow down a little earlier than me!


  1. Go for a walk
  2. Enjoy nature
  3. Read a book
  4. Listen to music
  5. Go for a meal
  6. Gardening
  7. Cook something nice
  8. Drink a beer or wine
  9. watch sports
  10. Go to the pub

It makes me wonder if, as part of all of this – and having seen the EFL discuss it before – the Premier League might start looking at the fans and how we would all like to consume their ‘product’ (our passion) after being successful. we’re projecting all the games throughout the lockdown. Many of us want to attend games and enjoy the full atmosphere, but many more, who cannot afford – due to time constraints, health issues or financial issues – to attend. , but got used to watching their teams.

As part of trying to find a new rhythm of life, once we get through the pandemic, it might make sense for the government to come up with ways to help people work a little more from home, explore proposals for the four day week and see how best to help us find work / life balance. And then, for business, sport and us as individuals, we also need to make a difference by taking care of our health and mental well-being, as well as our work.

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