Should the Texas A&M football team be worried about the knockdown of Harold Perkins?

The Texas A&M football team has the greatest class in sports history in 2022. This legendary group includes 19 four-star commitments and six five-star commitments. But one of those five-star commits has yet to put pen to paper.

That five star is Harold Perkins.

Generally speaking, Perkins shouldn’t be seen as a player who would go back to another school — his commitment to A&M came as recently as the Under Armor All-American game this year. That said, he continues to visit other schools. Should Jimbo Fisher be worried about this?

The Texas A&M Football Team’s Risk Of Losing Harold Perkins Is Extremely Low, But Crazier Things Have Happened

Early National Signing Day completely changed college football. It’s not really better or worse, but with most players putting pen to paper as early as December 15, those who don’t seem like laggards.

Focusing more on each guy, it’s easy to get paranoid about a turnaround. After all, a player who is supposed to be fully committed to playing football at College Station is touring other schools and getting to know other coaching teams. If you’re the jealous type, protect your eyes.

This coming weekend, Harold Perkins will visit the University of Florida and may also travel to LSU. Here’s what USA Today’s Gator Wire had to say about the situation.

Reuniting the duo in the swamp could help Florida’s chances of influencing the No. 5 overall prospect on the 247Sports composite, but there’s a lot of ground to be made up to land Perkins. His uncle said Perkins was just making sure his call was smart with those visits, so Florida needs to make a big impression with plenty of top-notch talent in town this weekend.

The idea that Perkins is still testing the waters, at least in one sense, is frightening. That said, with zero implications for Texas A&M, the Aggies should feel pretty safe. After all, Jimbo Fisher’s class may have cost the program over $30 million – what’s a little more to them?

Everyone around this Aggie football program will want to do whatever it takes to get Perkins, the No. 5 overall prospect and top overall linebacker in 2022, to wear a Texas A&M uniform this fall.

In short, there is not much to fear here. A reversal is within the realm of possibility but seems highly unlikely at this stage.

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