Ron Rivera hits back at Joe Judge

Ron Rivera had a scathing response to Joe Judge after the New York Giants head coach received an apparent blow against the Washington football team.

There is composure in the game between Washington and New York on Sunday.

Giants head coach Joe Judge appeared to use the WFT as an example of a dysfunctional football team during media comments last weekend.

“This is not a team that has fights on the sidelines. It’s not a clown show organization, ”Judge said in what seemed like a clear reference to Washington’s struggles this season, including Jonathan Allen’s swing against teammate Daron Payne on the WFT sidelines. The judge denied that he was specifically referring to Washington.

After downplaying the situation, Ron Rivera addressed the comments in more detail on the Kevin Sheehan Show, clearly indicating his disapproval of the judge’s approach.

Washington football team: Ron Rivera applauds Joe Judge

“It disappoints me because someone makes a comment like that without really knowing what the circumstances of the situation we went through,” Rivera said, by Scott Jennings of Hogs Haven.

“I mean for god’s sake you know if you pay attention to what is going on you would have found out that we had just had one of our most popular players, a very popular guy among his teammates , had a terrible car accident where his girlfriend was killed.We had another player who lost his brother to murder, then we had another player who lost another brother.

“There are reasons why things happen, and shooting people when people are going through what they’re going through, that’s not fair. If you don’t know and understand other people’s teams, talk about yourself, talk about your own team. This is what is right.

Rivera’s goal is simply not to comment on situations without context. It’s a fair review although it doesn’t fully explain why WFT have struggled the way they have this season. Either way, Washington’s struggles are theirs, just as New York’s problems this year should be the only thing on Judge’s mind.

The two teams can come to an understanding on the pitch when they meet to conclude the 2022 season.

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