Red Bull will sponsor the new “Pampas” football stadium in Osijek?

Feb. 18, 2022 – Slavic media has reported that Red Bull is interested in putting its name to the new football stadium in Osijek, which would be the first in Croatia to be named after a general sponsor.

It is still unclear when the new stadium in Osijek on the pampas will open. The modern 12,000 capacity stadium has exceeded the time it was supposed to be completed – and the stadium is expected to be completed and ceremonially opened later this year, reports

Osijek hopes the stadium can be completed soon enough for Osijek to take part in any qualifying for European competitions this summer, but there is no guarantee that will happen.

However, there is new information from Osijek about the stadium being built and who could buy the right to sponsor the stadium.

“The Osijek club and its fans will soon enjoy much more comfortable conditions for playing and watching matches, not to mention the camp which will be next to the stadium and will provide five-star training conditions for the first team and the football school.

The exclusive ideas of the then president, Ivan Meštrović, were removed from the project, such as watching matches from the jacuzzi or the restaurant terrace which would open onto the west stand.

This is no longer the case, much-needed rooms for the players have been added to the space with the jacuzzi, and there have been significant changes to the camp itself. Namely, the initial project did not provide for auxiliary pitches with stands, which was not ideal. In the end, stands will be built as well as two pitches, which will undoubtedly make it easier to watch friendly matches and all younger categories,” writes Glas Slavonije.

It has long been known that negotiations are underway with a new general sponsor who is expected to buy the stadium name as part of a long-term package. The club were hesitant to reveal details for some time before the deal was completed but, as has learned, negotiations are at a serious stage.

Slavic media write that a giant wants to put its name on the Osijek stadium – Red Bull. The famous energy drink producer already has stadiums named after him in Salzburg, Leipzig and New York. Osijek could also join this elected society.

Osijek will make the name of the general sponsor public when signing the cooperation agreements, which should bring additional financial stability to the club. If negotiations are successful, the Osijek stadium will be the first in Croatia to bear the name of a general sponsor. It will be one of the most modern football buildings in the region.

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