Raising the Standard: Problems with Football Today | Launderer’s report

In this article, I’m going to outline the major issues and problems facing the sport today and in my follow-up article, I’m going to look at what might fix those issues.

Football (for me) is a great game to watch. In fact, it’s a great game, period. Fast action, passion and fans make this a unique game. However, football has issues that it must face and manage if it is to move forward.

No. 1: Increase competition

In the Premier League, it is almost a given that one team in three or four will be crowned champion. Often, the season unfolds like a two-horse race. In La Liga, each season comes down to two teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Inter Milan have won the Serie A title four times in a row.

There is no doubt that at the highest level, football becomes predictable. Halfway through the season, you basically know which two teams will face off for the title. Three quarters into the season, you basically know the winner.

Even taking into account the many exceptions to the rule, football has become rather stale. Consider this, it will only get worse. As more money floods the sport, only a select few teams will benefit substantially.

This means the sport can only become more predictable. Not good.

No. 2: Referees

I have deep respect for referees. They make extremely difficult judgments where, regardless of the outcome, a lot of people are going to hate you for that judgment. But there is one undeniable fact. Referees are human and often human error affects their decision.

You only have to remember the infamous goal that never was in Reading vs Watford to know that sometimes even the pundits can be wrong. Often, some tie-breaking matches were decided not on which team was better, but on a central decision that could have gone either way. Now, I’m not saying all of those decisions have gone wrong, but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve attended the match of the day and a referee’s decision turned out to be wrong.

Obviously, little blame can be assigned to the referees. Honest mistakes happen in every profession. No one can claim not to be unknowingly influenced by a crowd of (at least) 18,000 people yelling at you if you do something they don’t like. However, a football game should have a winner who deserves to win, not because of a refereeing error that went in their favor.

No. 3: Sportsmanship

Something that really needs to be addressed in the game is how the players behave in the game. This was recognized by the Premier League with the Fair Play promotion last season. However, the 2008–09 season saw no improvement in the level of respect in the game.

Incidents such as Joe Kinnear’s rant, Danny Guthrie venting his frustration over Craig Fagan and Didier Drogba’s rant at the referee after the Chelsea vs Barcelona semi-final all show that the latest sportsmanship campaign has had little effect. ‘effect.

It really has a negative impact on the sport. Bad sportsmanship is what no one wants to see and lowers the reputation of the sport in the eyes of non-fans. It really doesn’t promote the sport when what’s making headlines is the latest horror tackle and not the latest amazing goal.

Thanks for reading. I will write a follow-up article featuring my solutions to these problems.

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