Premier League and Football League must help clubs weather Covid crisis – Crawley Town boss John Yems

Crawley Town manager John Yems has called on the Premier League and Football League to help clubs weather the recent wave of positive coronavirus cases. Photo by Pete Norton / Getty Images

Reds general manager Tom Allman has confirmed that as of today [Friday, December 17], there were “12 positive cases and a few more to come”.

At the time of writing, the rise of the Omicron variant has won five of this weekend’s Premier League games and 19 Football League fixtures.

Brentford boss Thomas Frank has called for the full set of weekend Premier League fixtures and next week’s Carabao Cup fixtures to be postponed to “break the chain” on Covid and ensure that matches in the Boxing Day are taking place.

Premier League clubs are due to meet on Monday to discuss the escalating crisis around the coronavirus pandemic. The Football League has not yet made a decision on this matter.

Yems said: “It gives us a bit of time to recover the injured boys and at least we go after a win and a draw.

“But I think the Football League and the Premier League need to help the clubs a bit, because it’s not the clubs responsibility to shut things down.

“There are a lot of mixed messages. Tom [Allman] sees him on this side because he’s in the office all day.

“But for us, a lot of us stuck on the training ground, all you want to do is play football.

“Someone has to take the lead and make the decision. I think the way some players and managers, especially at the higher levels, have expressed their opinion about [stopping until] January, to me, that makes so much sense.

“If you give a start date to start, at least it gives everyone a chance to sort through testing and training.

“It’s a big request for everyone and no one knows it. It’s like trying to fight in the dark. You don’t know what’s going on.

“It was only because we already got things in place, and that’s a compliment to anyone dealing with this aspect, that we spotted the cases, otherwise we could have gone on and talked to each other more. problems.

“More importantly, the players could have gotten worse, the staff could have gotten worse, the fans could have gotten things.

“But there is still a group of us who will be in training and are fit enough to train because we don’t want to be as far as we did last year.

“At least this year it’s more universal and I think everyone will be in the same position. But we’ll have players training so we can make sure we’re ready every time we come back.”

Crawley was due to visit SCFL Premier roster in Eastbourne Town on Tuesday evening in the third round of Sussex’s first knockout competition.

Yems said the decision to step down had nothing to do with how they viewed the competition, but rather how their team were eliminated.

The Reds manager added: “If we didn’t enjoy the competition, we wouldn’t be there.

“I think we’re helping Eastbourne hopefully, but we don’t have enough fit players. We have had too many injured players to play.

“Some people complain, but they complain about anything. If they won £ 1million in the lottery they would complain it wasn’t £ 1.3million.

“We don’t have any players. We have never had any fit players at the football club.

“We had 18 fit players and those 18 fit players had to play three games in almost a week and a bit.

“We couldn’t afford to hurt ourselves anymore. Maybe with this thing [Covid], it can bring people back to reality because people’s lives are at stake.

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