Players hail success of Saudi Arabian Women’s Regional Football League

RIYAD: The final whistle has sounded in the group stage of the Regional Football League, the first official league competition for female footballers in Saudi Arabia, with Al-Yamamah, Jeddah Eagles and Eastern Flames crowned Central Divisions champions, west and east, respectively.

Along with the pride and joy they felt when competing in a league of their own, the players said it gave them the chance to develop their technical skills and improve their fitness, in anticipation of a chance to represent their country in a Saudi national. female team in the future.

Sama Al-Sabiani of the White Lion West Division team said that she really enjoys playing in the Kingdom’s Premier Women’s League, and this has helped improve the team’s organization and led to remarkable improvements in the teams. female players’ performances like this gave them the opportunity to play against strong opponents,

“As players we gained stamina and played with a higher fighting spirit than ever before; we gave everything, ”she said.

“Not only did we have a great performance, we had a lot of fun. “

The 16-team league was a strong motivation for players to develop and improve their skills, Al-Sabiani said, and White Lion trained very hard for it, although they ultimately finished outside the top three of their league. division that now continue, with the first three in the Central Division and the first two in the Eastern Division, at the National Championship, which begins in King Abdullah Sports City on New Year’s Day.

“As players, we fought and won several games, and we were aiming for more wins to qualify for other leagues in the future,” Al-Sabiani added.

The Storm midfielder Rana Abdullah Saeed, who finished second in the West Division, said: “I have had a great experience and I am very happy that the Saudi Football Association has taken this step. I am sure that the SAFF will organize more leagues in the future and will continue to support women’s football in particular, and sport in general.

She added that the new league has had a very positive effect on her game.

“I was able to improve my technical skills and this experience gave me the motivation to develop my performance on and off the field, making sure I eat well and learn more by reading sports books and watching videos on YouTube, ”she said. .

“This league, in particular, has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses and I aspire to represent the Saudi Arabian national team through my recent experience.”

White Lion player Houriya Al-Shamrani also said the experience of playing in the Regional Football League has helped her improve her skills and gain experience, and has also helped players develop a competitive team spirit. She added that she took advantage of playing under pressure and on natural grass.

“I was able to maintain my fitness level and meet a lot of talented players,” Al-Shamrani said. “I also had the opportunity to meet with the Under Secretary for Planning and Development at the Sports Ministry, Adwa Al-Arifi, and listen to her advice. I will never forget his support when I was injured.

“I aspire to be the best player in the league and represent the Saudi Arabian national team and I want to be the first Saudi player to participate in the English Premier League.

“I want to thank Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and SAFF for giving us this opportunity and I’m sure the best is yet to come.”

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