Planning Committee approves new use of new football stadium for events at King’s Lynn Football Club

Lynn Football Grounds were approved for new use today at a planning meeting of Lynn West Norfolk Council.

The application was made to allow the stadium, located at The Walks, Tennyson Avenue, Lynn, to be used for concerts as well as football matches.

Councilors have approved the new use, which is part of a plan to ‘diversify the club and make better use of the facilities’.

The Walks Stadium at King’s Lynn Town Football Club (42511907)

The application when presented to the board stated: “We want to enable the football club to diversify in order to receive financial support, to ensure the viability and sustainability of the club.

Four objections have been received from people living around the significant ground, who fear the concerts and events will bring noise and disruption.

The stadium can accommodate up to 8,000 people.

A report presented to the council said: “There will inevitably be a level of noise and disruption associated with the proposed events due to their very nature.

“However, this must be balanced with the current events taking place at the football club and whether the impact of the proposed events would be significant enough to affect the enjoyment of others, beyond what would be reasonable at that location.

“Your officer is of the opinion that allowing four events a year would not unreasonably or substantially impact residential amenities to such a degree that it would adversely affect their living conditions, given the existing land use of football.”

“As a community facility, the football club is an underutilized resource and could be put to better use, in the interest of economic, social and environmental goals. The principle of development is therefore acceptable.

A statement on the club’s website read: “It is very important that the club continues to remain economically viable, is able to develop in order to provide more opportunities for football and other activities.

“This will allow the club to continue to form an important part of the local community.”

The request read: “Seek to allow non-football entertainment events to be held at the premises up to four times in a year.”

A site plan on the council’s planning website shows a stage at the Tennyson Avenue end of the field and the rest of the playing surface designated as “a viewing area”.

Musical events are already organized in the Blue and Gold Sports Bar on the ground.

When the proposals were first published, the club played down the idea of ​​regular outdoor events and suggested they wanted to hold a Festival Too gig.

However, event chairman Abbie Panks said: “We haven’t spoken to The Football Club, and we have no plans to move Festival Too there, so I don’t know where that’s coming from. this information.”

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