Piscataway to rename the football stadium

Schools in Piscataway Township will be named after a football stadium Kenny Armwood, Middlesex County Commissioner
Piscataway, NJ, August 24, 2021 – On Thursday, August 12, the Piscataway Board of Education voted in honor of the late Middlesex County Commissioner Kenny Armwood by renaming Piscataway High School Football Stadium Kenny Armwood Stadium.

Commissioner Armwood was a longtime resident of Piscataway and a 1993 PHS Class graduate, where he played football at the same stadium that will now bear his name. After graduating from high school at the age of 19, he began a life of public service as an elected member of the Piscataway Board of Education. He served on the board for seven years, notably contributing to the Middlesex County School Violence Task Force, which created an emergency response manual for schools across the county and has become a model for the state program.

Mr. Armwood has pursued a life of politics and public service. He was a member of the Piscataway City Council from 2004 to 2013 and was Chairman of the Board in 2008 and 2013. One of his greatest accomplishments as a City Councilor was his involvement in the renovation of Quibbletown Park, where the All Children’s Playground was designed for disabled and non-disabled children. all can play together.

Joining the County Commissioners Council in March 2013, Deputy Director Armwood oversaw the County’s Innovation, Education and Business Opportunities Committee, which promotes economic, cultural, artistic and educational development. He was appointed deputy director of the county commissioner in 2020, where he served until the time of his death in March 2021.

Mr. Armwood has worked for the Red Cross in Princeton Junction and Job Corp in Edison to help teens build brighter futures. He was considered by many to be a good friend, leader and inspiration to young adults.

“Commissioner Armwood has been an inspiration to so many families in Piscataway,” said Board Chair Shelia Hobson. “He showed us what public service really means by spending more than half of his life working to improve the lives of others. We hope that Kenny Armwood Football Stadium will help maintain its spirit of service at Piscataway and remind everyone of their personal motto: “You must do something”.

With the help of an expanded Culture, Climate and Community Relations Committee and an ad hoc committee made up of educators and members of the Piscataway Board of Directors, the Board of Directors followed these guidelines. as published in Council Policy 7250 – Names of Schools and Facilities, before making a decision:

  1. Council first sought name suggestions, along with rational documentation and support, from the community as a whole.
  2. The Board of Directors submitted these names to the larger Culture, Climate and Community Relations Committee for review. The committee, with input from community stakeholders, parents and staff, reviewed each name submitted and reviewed the official criteria set out in the policy. They then submitted seven recommended names to the full Board for consideration.
  3. At its July meeting, the Council considered the seven candidates. As a result of this review, Board Chair Shelia Hobson announced the appointment of an ad hoc committee to, as outlined in Policy 7250, conduct a more in-depth investigation of each candidate “who would make any of these recommendations inappropriate for final selection. Comprised of board members and district administrators, the ad hoc committee reviewed each candidate before individually voting on a candidate choice. The candidate with the most votes was presented to the board as a recommendation for its August vote.

“We thank everyone who participated in this process. It was not an easy task, ”noted Hobson. “Other names have been proposed which have all made valuable contributions to the Piscataway School community. In selecting Commissioner Armwood for this honor, we have taken into account his community impact and the lasting legacy of his work.

An inauguration ceremony will be planned and announced at a later date.

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