Oregon St. implodes part of a football stadium

Part of the Reser Stadium collapsed on Friday in a controlled demolition.

Oregon State University is renovating the 69-year-old stadium and had to tear down the Southwest Grandstand to make way for its much larger replacement.

School officials set up cameras around the stadium and captured the demolition from multiple angles. A series of explosions on the grandstand support beams crashed the structure into the empty parking lot.

The state of Oregon destroyed part of its football stadium on Friday, giving way to its stadium renovation project. (Credit: Oregon State University via Storyful)

Steve Hatch, who works for Dykon Demolition, said the demolition was working exactly as it was designed,

“It was designed to fall in that direction, in the parking lot and it went exactly the way we wanted it to,” Hatch said.

The stadium renovation is expected to be completed before the 2023 football season. When it opens to the public, it will be equipped with a student center and a wellness center.

The university said the project would transform “the Reser Stadium into a premier national football facility with year-round programs and facilities for all OSU students, faculty and staff.” .

This story was reported from Atlanta.

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