OKC Lady Force football team wins national championship

In Oklahoma, we are used to celebrating football championships, and the Oklahoma City Lady Force lives up to that standard.

“You have to love the game, that’s why a lot of us play women’s football,” said OKC Lady Force defensive end Shabria Irby.

The Lady Force football team started eight years ago, but after winning five consecutive championships in a lower division, it was time to move up to Division III of the women’s football alliance, the national women’s football league .

“Once you’ve created this winning culture, it attracts people, and people want to be part of something big,” Irby said.

But in their first year in the league, the team lost in the first round of the playoffs.

“We set a goal that day and said we were going to win our next championship next year,” said Koi Robert, linebacker and running back for the Lady Force football team.

At the start of the season, the team decided to make defense a priority.

“Because we are a defensive team. Our offense is coming together, but like you say, the defense is winning games,” Roberts said.

Victory is exactly what they did, carving their way to an undefeated season and a national championship. In fact, they’ve only been scored twice all season

“We didn’t just go for it, but we actually completed the mission which was to win a championship,” Irby said.

The ladies are fully committed to the team, although none of them are paid to play. And in addition to training, workouts and off-season games, the ladies also fundraise to help cover expenses and they all have regular jobs.

“The passion is really deep. The camaraderie you get playing with women is something you won’t find anywhere,” Irby said.

After going through the competition, next year the team will move to an even higher division, but they will be prepared.

“When our season is over they usually give us around a month or two, but we try to get back on the pitch even sooner than that,” Irby said.

Set them up for back-to-back championships

The ladies will take a minute and enjoy the Championship before they start training again for next season in September, when they also have open trials for the team. The team plays home games at SNU Stadium.

For more information about the team and to support them on Facebook and Instagram @okcladyforce or visit their website www.okcladyforce.com

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