Odem excited about the new football stadium

ODEM, Texas – Construction is underway on a brand new football stadium at Odem High School. The Owl Stadium had been around since 1967 before being leveled a few months ago to make way for the new and improved Owl Stadium. The stadium was no longer up to Odem’s athletic standards, and when Odem ISD Superintendent Yolanda Carr arrived on the scene three years ago, she knew something had to be done. .

“I’ve seen the run down facilities and our kids deserve better, as do our fans,” Carr said. “They pay a lot of school taxes and we have to use them to modernize the facilities. “

Carr says the school district saved money for several years to pay for the stadium upgrades. The district provided $ 3 million to pay for a brand new artificial turf pitch and a new all-season track. The old wooden bleachers have disappeared and are replaced by aluminum seats. There will also be a new press box, goal posts, lighting and a dashboard upgrade.

This new stadium is a source of pride for the whole city of Odem and the players are static.

“It will be amazing to have this field for my final year,” said Owls backer Marcus Martinez. “It has been a dream of a lifetime for us and the Odem fans and we finally have the chance to play on the new pitch.”

The new stadium and synthetic turf pitch will also allow the team to practice on a real soccer field as they are currently forced to use the baseball field.

“We use numbers and hashes for benchmarks and we never train with them because we don’t have a football field to train on,” Odem sporting director and football coach said. , Armando Huerta. “We will now have better spacing and I tell you what is killing me the last few days, we have players with wet shoes and wet socks and that’s not good.”

The new Owl Stadium is expected to be ready in time for Odem’s home opener against West Oso on August 27.

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