Mutant Football League 2 is officially revealed

Mutant League Football, launched in 1993, was an iconic video game of its time.

The popularity of the game was such that a cartoon show based on it was produced and aired between 1994 and 1996. Although the game received a lot of popularity, publishers may not have found it enough succeeded in planning a sequel. However, two and a half decades after its original release, the game has found a “spiritual successor” in the form of the Mutant Football League.

In 2017, the idea of ​​Mutant Football League was conceived through a Kickstarter project where a sum of $60,000 was raised. Although Mutant League Football may not have a sequel under its belt, Mutant Football League’s success paved the way for its success. Different kinds of violent combat situations involving mutants form the core of this game. A football match serves as the backdrop for the game.

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Mutant Football League 2 kicks off with the addition of an eighth Mutant to each team. This eight mutant serves as the fourth receiver. With the addition of this mutant, players have a greater variety of “offensive options” to choose from. They will also get more games and formations available to them. This will lead to increasingly complex and interesting gameplay. Now, weather conditions will be able to make significant changes mid-game. How players react to the introduction of this unpredictable factor into the game is something time will tell.

Digital Dreams has extensive plans to introduce new game modes to Mutant Football League 2. The most prominent of these mods is expected to be the Dynasty Supreme franchise mode. This mod will create custom teams. The football simulation experience players will have now is expected to be more immersive than the original game.

Players can expect many more improvements in the sequel. Unlike its predecessor, Mutant Football League 2 will be available to play on next-gen consoles. Because the game is compatible with advanced consoles, Digital Dreams will have the opportunity to make several improvements to lighting and shadow effects in the game.

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