Mobile County Schools School Board Approves Two High School Football Stadium Plans

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – The Mobile County public school system is moving forward with plans to build five new stadiums on campus for high schools in the district.

On Monday, the Mobile County Board of Education voted to approve bids for the first two of five stadiums. Both LeFlore High School and Vigor High School stadium projects have been approved.

When plans to build the stadiums were released in May, the school system estimated that the stadiums would cost between $ 2 million and $ 5 million.

The board of directors approved $ 5,497,771 for the construction of the new Vigor stadium and $ 5,038,882 for the new LeFlore stadium. The plans include concession stands, lockers and the grounds will be constructed with artificial turf. The goal is to have the stadiums built by August 2022.

“It’s much bigger than Vigor High School. It’s for our community, ”said Gerald Cunningham, Principal of Vigor High School.

Cunningham graduated from Vigor and played football when he was a student there. “It’s a dream come true. Because our children, our students, our alumni, we deserve it,” Cunningham said.

The school system has also published plans for both stadiums.

The stadium of the Lycée LeFlore will be able to accommodate around 4,000 people. Here are the full plans of the stadium:

LeFlore High School football stadium plans (Courtesy: MCPSS)

The Vigor High School stadium will accommodate around 3,500 fans. The full plans of Vigor Stadium are below:

Vigor High School football stadium plans (Courtesy: MCPSS)

“A number of high schools in the county have a stadium, and the inner-city schools don’t have their own stadium, and it’s about time we did. So all the schools that didn’t have stadiums, apart from Murphy High School, we have to find them land, will now have those stadiums on their campus, ”said Dr Reginald Crenshaw, Chairman of the Board. of Commissioners for the Mobile County Public School System.

Cunningham says it is an exciting time for students, staff and alumni. “When the stadium arrives it will be exceptional for the town of Prichard as a whole,” Cunningham said.

BC Rain, Davidson and Williamson High Schools will also receive new stadiums.

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