Manteca football stadium lighting can be replaced

Manteca High football stadium lighting could be replaced.

The Manteca Unified Board of Directors is being asked on Tuesday to increase the design phase of the Manteca High School Stadium renovation project by $300,000 to include new lighting and four other items. The design portion of the Manteca High effort will now cost $650,000

In November, the board approved the continuation of the design of football stadium upgrades at Manteca, East Union and Lathrop high schools.

Field lighting replacement at Manteca High was not included at the time.

Since then, Manteca Unified has been unable to verify if the Division of State Architects (DSA) considers the lighting acceptable. Since the stadium lighting is struggling to work, the district administration recommends the complete replacement of the lighting.

Other issues addressed with increased design funding include:

*Main stadium electrical service has been reviewed by the design team. The age and condition of this infrastructure must be replaced.

*The stadium’s fire alarm system, audio visual system and emergency evacuation lighting have been found to be inadequate and need to be replaced or upgraded.

*Emergency backup battery storage will be required by DSA to support emergency escape lighting.

Funding for the three high school stadium projects will come from a portion of the remaining $159 million in proceeds from the 2014 Measure G bonds and $260 million from the Measure A bonds approved in November 2020.

The design phase of the three stadiums will now cost $1.35 million.

The first projects to move forward will be at East Union and Lathrop High Schools. Work on Manteca High Stadium will follow these two campuses due to code compliance needs attributed to the age of some of the facilities being treated that date back to 1959.

Both Manteca and the EU require stormwater system upgrades to allow for use during and after inclement weather.

All three secondary schools will have 8-lane all-weather trails. The lawn, although in excellent condition, requires significant and continuous maintenance. The project will allow the installation of a Bermuda hybrid turf which increases the durability of the turf.

Irrigation systems will be replaced to address persistent issues and to bring up to standards for water conservation, adequate coverage and controls.

The turf will be designed to accommodate both football and soccer.

All three stadiums will be brought up to current building codes. This includes Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues and provides for lighting upgrades for emergency evacuation requirements.

Specific works at Manteca High Stadium include:

*Replacement of 1,000-seat visitor stands.

*Another possible addition of 22 feet of netting over an 8 foot chain link fence between the south end of the stadium and an adjacent mobile home park.

*Installation of 650 linear feet of 8 foot chain link fence elsewhere with a possible alternative of a masonry wall instead.

*Installation of 1,145 linear feet of linear chain link fence or the alternative of a wrought iron security fence.

* Alternate facilities proposed for high jump, triple/long jump, pole vault, shot put and discus.

* An existing building at the northeast end of the stadium which will be redeveloped into team rooms.

*New ticketing/toilet building as well as a picnic area/pop-up tent.

*Storage containers offered.

*Installation of an ADA parking lot and an accessibility path.

* Demolition of a building in the southeast corner of the stadium.

* Scoreboard and flagpole offered.

Specific works at the East Union High stadium include:

* ADA parking spaces offered.

*New flag pole.

* New improvements for Triple Jump/Long Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put and Discus.

*Storage containers offered.

Work specific to Lathrop High includes:

* Upgrades to existing ADA parking lot.

*Storage containers offered.

*New areas for triple jump/long jump, discus, shooting, pole vault and high jump.

The school board meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the District Office Complex, Airport Way and Louise Avenue.

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