LSU cancels coronavirus vaccine, demands testing to enter football stadium

Louisiana State University (LSU) announced on Friday that it was canceling the coronavirus vaccine and testing requirements to enter its football stadium.

“LSU will lift its COVID-19 entry protocols for Tiger Stadium after a steady and significant drop in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in the state of Louisiana and the Baton Rouge area,” the team said school football team on his Twitter.

LSU announced in late August that fans would need to have proof of vaccination or a negative test in order to attend games.

“We have seen our rates drop dramatically over the past two weeks, and today the entire state of Louisiana has a positivity rate of less than 5%,” said Catherine O’Neal, director Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, in a statement. the video the team posted.

O’Neal celebrated the state’s “victory” but continued to encourage people to get vaccinated and wear masks where appropriate to reduce the rate of cases.

Even when the requirements to enter the stadium were in place, some fans said they were not asked for their vaccination status or COVID-19 test upon entry, The Lawyer reported.

The announcement comes days after the Tigers suffered their second loss of the season, which likely knocked them out for the playoffs and possibly lowered demand for tickets.

Although cases are finally on the decline, Louisiana struggled earlier in the year with an increase in delta variant cases that put pressure on its hospital systems.

Throughout the pandemic, Louisiana has recorded more than 746,000 cases and more than 14,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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