LEGO Creator Expert Football Stadium 2022: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (10299) is now available

People would remember 2020 as the start of the COVID pandemic, but football-loving LEGO collectors might remember something else. It was the year when the LEGO Creator Old Trafford-Manchester United together (10272) came out. Camp Nou – FC Barcelona (10284) followed him in 2021. Whoever thought of posting large football/soccer stadium replicas on LEGO Creator Expert was a genius. Not only did they look beautiful, but they also provided space for additional items such as gifts with purchase. Fans of LEGO’s Football Stadium must have been excited by October 2021 rumors about the 2022 entry: Real Madrid home ground. It’s confirmed.

The range of bricks has it that LEGO has officially listed Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (10299). This is the third in their series of massively gorgeous football stadiums on Creator Expert. LEGO plans to time the launch of the set to coincide with two milestones. The year 2022 sees the 120 of Real Madridand and the 25 of the Santiago Bernabeu stadiumand birthdays, respectively. Like its predecessors, this set is accurate in layout details and CF branding. Creator Expert 10299 is the same price as Camp Nou (10284) and will be released on March 1. Let’s take a closer look at the official list of LEGO Shop products:

Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (10299)

18 and over | 5,876 pieces | $349.99 | Coming March 1

  • A build for adults – Build a tribute to your football heroes by creating all the details in this LEGO® Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (10299) building set
  • Inspired by the original stadium – LEGO® designers have taken care to incorporate all the iconic details of Real Madrid’s real football stadium into this miniature version

  • Recognizable features – Spot all the details of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, including the pitch, goals, tunnel, dugout, scoreboards, banners, seats and stairs
  • Matchday details – Finishing touches include a printed Real Madrid logo and the team bus

  • Disassembles for viewing – Model splits in half and roof lifts off, allowing you to see inside

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