Is the Ohio State football team now a pass-first team?

One of the identities of the Ohio State football program over the years has been that it is a top notch team. Woody Hayes is the one who said “three yards and a cloud of dust” was going to be the offense. It has been the state identity of Ohio for about 100 years.

Since Ryan Day took over, he also said the running game needs to be strong. He pointed out that without a good running game, the passing game cannot be as strong as it should be. That being said, is the Ohio State football team now a pass-first team?

I say that because of how powerful their passing game is now. CJ Stroud is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. They have the best reception room in the country, including a first-round pick next year in Jaxon Smith-Njigba. It is truly the deadliest attack in the Big Ten and one of the deadliest in the nation.

Should the Buckeyes focus more on passing than running because of all these weapons? They can definitely gain more yards this way and score in bunches. This is how Ohio State has opened games in the past. The Buckeyes can’t do that that often with the running game.

In my mind though, I always say Ohio State is a go-first team. They use the run to set up the pass better than many other teams in the country because of the quality of TreVeyon Henderson. He improves the passing game thanks to his breakaway speed.

Henderson will only be better this year, and that will make the offense better overall. The running game is still king in Columbus, as it should be.

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