Iran again bans women from entering soccer stadium

Iranian women have again been denied entry to a football stadium despite pressure from FIFA on the Islamic Republic to allow them to participate in international and official matches.

Iran and Lebanon played their final World Cup qualifier at Imam Reza Stadium in Mashhad on Tuesday. Tickets were sold to women to watch the game but when they wanted to enter the stadium, security told them they weren’t allowed.

However, according to reports, a limited number of women managed to enter the stadium.

Around 12,500 tickets were sold for the match, and 2,000 of them were awarded to women.

Videos on social media show hundreds of women protesting outside the stadium that they held tickets but were not allowed to enter.

Mashhad is home to many religious extremists who oppose the presence of women in male-dominated places. Firebrand representative of the city’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda banned concerts and cultural events for years.

The Islamic Republic, which has banned female spectators from stadiums for years, saying it would violate religious rules of decency, has been forced by world football body FIFA to allow a limited number of women to attend a January game against Iraq. His next match was against the United Arab Emirates which took place without spectators.

Despite FIFA’s order to allow women into stadiums without restriction and in numbers determined by ticket demand, Iran announced that 2,000 of the 10,000 tickets for the match against Iraq were exclusively reserved for women and that they had to sit in separate areas.

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