Internet sleuths think they’ve uncovered Washington’s new football team name

The Washington Football Team is expected to make an official announcement on its new team name in less than a week. However, some internet sleuths may have discovered the team’s new name a little earlier than expected.

According to Sporting News, a Twitter user noticed that the domain had been transferred to California-based MarkMonitor, the company the NFL uses to monitor most of its domain names for its teams and brands.

Sporting News reports that all but six NFL teams list their team websites on Mark Monitor – the Washington football team uses GoDaddy, while the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Ravens of Baltimore, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Houston Texans all use Network Solutions.

Neither the NFL nor the Washington football team responded to the reports on Thursday, either confirming or denying whether the team will be named commanders.

“There are two reasons you acquire a name. One is that you acquire it out of pure speculation, and you keep it. And the second is that you buy it because you want to use it,” said tech expert Shawn DuBravac at Fox 5 DC TV channel. “And usually when you buy it and want to use it, you’re going to move it to where you’re going to deploy it,”

DuBravac said that, based on publicly available data, the owner of the domain is close to doing something about it, fueling speculation that it could be the new name for the NFL team. from Washington.

“The fact that Mark Monitor has large enterprise clients, it’s most likely a large organization using it,” DuBravac said.

“It’s not someone speculating on the name, but probably a company considering using it. Mark Monitor also happens to have a deep relationship with the NFL and many teams,” he said. he adds.

After years of criticism, the Washington team dropped a name that was commonly used to insult Native Americans in July 2020.

Last August, the team banned fans from wearing “Native American-inspired” dresses inside its stadium, including headdresses and face paint. The new directive was announced in a stadium policy and protocol update ahead of the 2021 NFL season.

News of the team’s new name and rebrand comes with an investigation into workplace misconduct within the organization. The investigation, promoted by a series of Washington Post reports in 2020, examined the alleged sexual harassment suffered by female team employees and the abuse of the team’s cheerleaders.

Following the investigation, the NFL fined the football team $10 million.

The day after the team announces its new name, the House Oversight Committee will host a roundtable with several former team employees to discuss “workplace misconduct issues and the ‘failure of the National Football League (NFL) to take action to prevent sexual harassment and verbal abuse within the team’. the WFT under owner Dan Snyder.”

The committee says the roundtable aims to inform “potential legislative solutions” to protect workers from harassment and discrimination.

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