Image of football stadium altered to include anti-Biden message

The claim: the fanfare spells out vulgarity towards Biden

A Facebook post with more than 38,000 shares appears to show a marching band at a football stadium spelling out a vulgar message to President Joe Biden.

The image shows a soccer field on which a marching band appears to be uttering vulgarity directed at Biden.

“Relentless lol”, we read in the caption of the post of October 16.

In three days, the post received over 72,000 likes. In the comments, some users questioned the authenticity of the image, while others believed it was a real photo.

“Did it really happen and what game was it?” Asked a commentator.

“Great Fanfare !!!” another wrote.

Similar versions of this claim racked up thousands of shares on Facebook, and it’s been around other social media platforms also.

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But the image has been altered. It has been digitally manipulated to include the anti-Biden message.

USA TODAY has contacted the user of the October 16 post for comment.

Image has been modified

The original image is from the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. This serves as a site for the year The Red River Confrontation football game between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma.

Texas fans have returned to games this season, including this one on Oct. 9 against Oklahoma.

The image, with a higher resolution, can be found online in a 2018 article from VisitDallas, an independent nonprofit that promotes Dallas. This shows a wider view of the stadium with the words “Texas” crossing the left end area and “Oklahoma” on the right end area. There is no tape spelling out a message on the field of the photo. The original

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Our rating: Altered

Based on our research, we are evaluating ALTERED an image that shows a marching band uttering vulgarity towards Biden. The image, without any message from the group, appeared in a 2018 article, years before Biden became president.

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