How to win your Fantasy Football League AFTER the draft

If you’ve found your way to this article, chances are you’ve recently drafted a fantasy football team. It’s a great feeling to sit down and admire your complete roster. You’ve nailed your early-round picks, used your late darts to charge your favorite recruits and avoid all busts. You feel ready to dominate your league.

That’s exactly how I felt after finishing my home league draft last weekend. After savoring the near perfection of my team for the three hours required, I decided to consult the lists of my teammates. I looked forward to a little laugh as I singled out the other eleven teams in the league. After all, this league is full of casual players, there’s no way they’re hanging out with me, is there?

Oh, I was wrong. As I went from opponent to opponent, I liked most other rosters in the league almost as much as my own, especially looking at the starting rosters. That’s when I realized that it’s getting easier and easier for everyone to create a solid fantasy draft. Platform rankings and ADPs may not be perfect, but they are light years ahead of what they used to be. On top of that, a quick Google search will return mediocre but usable rankings. The fantasy football industry as a whole is doing a good job.

Don’t get me wrong, or read what I’m not typing. You can still get an edge in your draft. By using the Ultimate Draft Kit and following The Fantasy Footballers throughout the year will give you an edge, but that might not be as important as it used to be. You can increase this advantage, however, by getting to work after the draft.

If you’ve listened to The Ballers for any time, you’ve probably heard them defend the phrase “You don’t win your fantasy league in the draft” with the caveat that “you use it to lay the foundation for victory”. . your league. So once that foundation is established, how do you build a fantastic championship-caliber team?

Here’s how to win your fantasy football team after draft.

Adjust in accordance

The fantasy football season will be full of unexpected twists. You must be ready to react sooner rather than later. I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of simply reacting, as opposed to over-reacting or under-reacting. Giving up your most drafted running back after three weeks because he hasn’t scored a touchdown yet is a morereaction. Last season, Jonathan Taylor couldn’t find the end zone and averaged just 9.6 fantastic points/game in the first three weeks. Conversely, hanging on to your favorite wide receiver that isn’t involved for the first few weeks is a belowreaction, as anyone who held Allen Robinson back too long last year will tell you.

While you stay balanced, chances are your teammates won’t. To take advantage of. Make commercial offers for these precocious stallions who start off disappointingly slowly. Get a carry for this late draft pick that starts unsustainably. Improve your roster in a pragmatic way by exploiting the emotional fluctuations of other members of your league.

Step on the waiver wire

Playing the waiver wire is arguably the biggest key to season-long success in fantasy football. Every season we see prized players removed from waivers, most often in the first few weeks. NFL teams don’t usually show us their candid plans in the preseason, and we’re pretty much wrong when we’re guessing. It is therefore essential to pay attention to usage statistics such as ranges, targets and number of snaps immediately. So be prepared to spend FAAB or waiver high priority early. If you’ve been following the pre-season buzz and especially if you have the Ultimate Draft Kityou already know which situations and which players to pay attention to at the start of the season.

As the season progresses, we begin to understand how NFL teams operate. We tend to see less surprising usage changes, with two exceptions: injuries and recruits. Reacting to injuries seems relatively obvious. When a player runs out of time due to injuries, an opportunity opens up for other players. What’s less obvious is how important each injury is, which is why it’s so important to follow our injury expert. Matthew Betz for the necessary nuance in the injury analysis.

Tracking recruits on the waiver feed is more subtle. It often takes longer for rookies to acclimate to the NFL and earn the trust of their coaching staff. Be careful before dropping a rookie early in the season, they may be on the verge of a rookie breakout. Similarly, watch for rookies getting dumped by opposing league teammates. Bye weeks are a good marker to keep in mind for first-year players, as they can often see a “post-review rookie bump” later in the season as they get to grips with the league.

Find your routine

Consistency is the key to success in many fields, including fantasy football. Finding a weekly routine is a great help in staying consistent. There are certain checkpoints along the way each week, and you can give each a dedicated day/time. From defining your initial roster, to requesting a waiver, to checking out all the amazing content in Fantasy Footballers, to fine-tuning and finalizing your roster, to predicting the weeks ahead. , all the essential factors of your fantastic week should have their dedicated time.

Stay tuned for all things fantasy football

Everything I mentioned before becomes easier if you stay tuned to Fantasy Footballers. Of course, the main show is the flagship and should be listened to or watched every day, but there are even more resources here to help you throughout the season. You’ve already found this article, but during the season there are several sets of weekly recurring articles to keep you up to date, and they are consistently posted at the same time each week. You can follow the whole team on Twitter for fantastic treats (and other nonsense) throughout the season. There’s also a plethora of invaluable #FootClan tools on the site to help you navigate the season. We really have it all here.

Do not abandon !

The final piece of advice here is another frequently repeated on the show, “don’t give up!”. Stick to your routine and stay locked in all season, even if it doesn’t start off on the right foot. Every year we hear stories of fantastic teams turning their season around and winning a #FootClan title. Now go ahead and get yours!

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