Hillsborough honors undefeated high school football team and coach

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – After an outstanding season, the Hillsborough Township Committee honored the undefeated Raiders High School football team and coach Kevin Carty with proclamations on Tuesday.

“The Hillsborough High School varsity football team have enjoyed a historic record season due to their hard work and dedication. They are the first Raider team in the history of the program to have an unbeaten season,” Mayor Shawn Lipani said in the proclamation.

Hillsborough High School varsity football team enjoyed an unbeaten season with a 13-0 record and also won the NJSIAA South Group V Regional Championship title with a 28-7 victory over the Kingsway Regional High School.

The team also won the NJSIAA Central Jersey Group V section championship title with a 35-8 victory over North Brunswick Township High School.

“The Mayor and the Hillsborough Township Committee hereby congratulate all of the Hillsborough High School varsity football team, not only for their incredible season and the championships they have won, but also for their unwavering teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship throughout the season, ”said Lipani.

Head Coach Kevin Carty was also honored with a proclamation after being named Courier News Coach of the Year.

Carty led the Hillsborough High School football team for 11 seasons and earned his 100th career coaching victory at the Regional Championship against Kingsway.

Carty is 66-46 overall and the team have advanced to the playoffs in all but two seasons during their tenure. The Hillsborough Raiders finished 13-0 this year, winning both the central group 5 section title and the regional championship. It is the first state title since 2000 and the third in the history of the school.

“The Mayor and the Township of Hillsborough Committee hereby congratulate Kevin Carty on his exceptional training this past season and throughout his distinguished coaching career,” said Lipani.

Lipani also announced that the township will honor the team on Saturday at 11 a.m. with a tour through Hillsborough. The team will be escorted by Hillsborough Police with blaring sirens as they tour the township for residents to come and support.

“Listen to the sirens and go cheer on our local Hillsborough football team. They are heroes,” Lipani said.

The tour will include three buses for the team, police and fire escorts and start and end in high school.

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