Hannah-Pamplico Football Stadium Improvements Planned | High school

The local team at the Hannah-Pamplico football stadium, which plans to increase its capacity to 1,500 seats.


PAMPLICA, SC – Hannah-Pamplico High School plans to add home stands and a new press box to its football stadium. It will increase capacity by 17 rows, to 1,500 by July 22, pending a review by the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of School Facilities.

In the center, the stands will also have 10 rows of plastic reserved seats.

“The new stands will still allow Raider fans to enjoy ‘the hill’ while also providing additional seating for fans who prefer to sit down instead of bringing their own chairs or standing,” said Florence Superintendent Neal Vincent. School District 2, which includes Hannah-Pamplico.

The district replaced and expanded the stadium’s visitors’ stands two seasons ago, increasing capacity on that side from 200 to 500.

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FSD2 will also work other parts of the stadium.

“We will also be fixing the drainage issues and other construction work on the stadium,” Vincent said. “The money was allocated in April through a (seven-year) lease acquisition and will be repaid over time using local bonds. The only concerns we have are the supply chain, making sure the stadium is back in action for the first home game this fall. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

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