Green energy in sport: Germany’s largest solar-powered football stadium is under construction

Green energy in sport: Germany’s largest solar-powered football stadium is under construction

The Europa stadium in Freiburg should be able to produce almost all the energy it needs with renewable sources on site

Yesterday, the authorities of Freiburg, Germanyannounced that the project to build a photovoltaic system on the roof of the local stadium Europa Park was underway. The finished system would be the largest of its kind in Germany and one of the largest in the world, contributing to the overall development of Europa Park. sustainable energy scheme.

The photovoltaic cells are installed thanks to the investments of the local energy company “badenova”, the local government and the sports club of Freiburg. According to a statement from Mayor Martin Horn, the installation will cost around 2.3 million euros.

The installation would cover 15,000 square meters and include 6,000 individual solar modules. Their estimated combined output is around 2.3 million kilowatts per year, which is supposed to cover all stadium needs, making them CO2 neutral.

Europa Park – a stadium for the future with a sustainability concept

One of the most interesting facts about Europa Park is that it has a robust sustainable energy program, which is supposed to make the facility carbon neutral. In addition to the photovoltaic system currently under construction on the roof, the stadium uses waste heat from the nearby industrial area.

The new stadium in Freiburg has a robust sustainability concept,
Source: Andreas Schwarzkopf on Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

According to official sources, these two components should make it possible to cover the annual energy consumption of the stadiums. The stadium car park also houses a number of electric vehicle charging stations. At the same time, however, it also has a diesel generator, should there be a power failure. The generator is specifically intended to power TV broadcasts.

The local football team, FC Freiburg, was based in the 1954 Dreisamstadion, however, as the new century progressed the structure proved to be outdated and ill-equipped. In 2012 the local council voted to build a new one and work officially started in early 2020.

Europa Park was officially opened in October 2021, when Freiburg played a friendly match with FC St Pauli.

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