Going to the headquarters of the Virginia Tech football stadium is dangerous for some students; planned changes | State and region news

The first 5,000 students to arrive at the Tech Games sit in the stands in the north end area, but the rest take a ramp at Gate 7 which sends them to certain sections of the east stands.

“Once we get up there… the section doors, you could try to get in there, but it’s almost like a stop,” Blake said. “As you move in it gets more and more people and people because the stairs you used to go up to the stands were completely crowded, clogged up because there was almost not enough of places in the student section. “

Blake said he got pushed around while stuck in the passage.

“A few people passed out because they were run over,” Blake said. “I was holding on to my friend so that we weren’t separated, but I had to let go because I felt like my arm was about to break because it was bending so much.”

Riddle said he was stuck in the portal for 15-20 minutes.

“It was like wall-to-wall people,” Riddle said. “It was probably the closest to a panic attack, just with so many people. You can’t really move.

“A lot of the little girls that I saw were really being pushed around and pushed around.

“As we started to get closer to where you could get to the seats, I saw people… trying to [go] along the wall and grab the railing to go over it.

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