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GODLEY – The Godley Wildcats and Venus Bulldogs each received nine caps on the District 5-4A Division II football team.

District champion Glen Rose Tigers heads the All District team with 22 caps, followed by 17 Hillsboro caps and 15 Ferris caps.

Godley coach Curtis Lowery said the selection process across all districts went as planned for his Wildcats, given they finished in fourth place in a three-game winning season. Plus, Godley didn’t win any superlative awards.

“This is usually how it goes,” Lowery said. “It’s hard to get superlative prizes when you’re fourth in a five-team district. “

The MVP award for District 5-4A DII went to Glen Rose junior quarterback Hudson White, who had an outstanding season in his first year as the Tigers starting quarterback.

Hillsboro, who finished second in the district, received both offensive and defensive player of the year awards with quarterback Frankie Montoya and safety back Jacob Montoya taking those honors.

Glen Rose received four other superlative awards: junior linebacker and running back Tristan Black was named utility player of the year, Glen Rose junior guard Peyton Klein was named offensive lineman of the year, the Senior defensive end Max Hood was awarded Defensive Lineman of the Year, and second-year safety Canyon Costello won Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Ferris received two superlative awards as second-year punter Bryan Ramirez was named Special Teams Player of the Year while second-year tight end Kai Rigdon took home the offensive newcomer of the year recognition.

Interestingly, even though Godley placed fourth on Venus, the Bulldogs received five first-team caps while the Wildcats only picked up four first-team caps.

Senior offensive lineman Ryan Block, senior defensive back Logan Payne, senior linebacker Elliot Hall and junior defensive lineman Kaleb Black are headlining the representation of Godley in all districts.

Block was one of only two offensive returns with college experience early in the season and he was the anchor for the Wildcat’s offensive line.

“He was the captain of our team and one of our leaders on offense,” said Lowery. “He was the leader on the offensive line. He’s a great boy with a great work ethic. I was happy to see that it would bear fruit for him to be recognized. He worked really hard to get it and I was proud of him. He kept getting better and better every year. He not only helped us in attack, but he also played a lot in defense for us. Not many guys go back and forth in 4A or in our neighborhood. So it was good for him to be recognized.

Payne was the Wildcats point guard in high school and one of Godley’s greatest playmakers while Hall led the Wildcats in tackles.

“Logan was also the team captain for us,” said Lowery. “He was the head of our high school. He was one of the pillars of our defense. He led the team in breakouts. He’s an exceptional boy who worked really hard for us and got better with every game.

“Hall was our best tackle of the season. And he was also a team captain for us and one of the hardest working kids on our team. He led our defense overall. He’s a great boy who worked really hard. He was the guy who got everyone to line up up front.

Although he played on the defensive line, Black finished as Godley’s second-best tackle and was a force up front.

“Kaleb has had a great season,” said Lowery. “He’s a hell of a football player for us. He was our second best tackle and from a defensive position it’s pretty good. He’s a junior and he’ll be back so we’re thrilled about that.

Junior wide receiver Kole Allen, senior linebacker Issac Paniagua, running back Landon Thigpen, junior offensive lineman Eric Marski and senior quarterback Nicholas Buzalsky have won second team accolades in all Wildcats districts.

“We had five guys – Nic Buzalsky, Kole Allen, Isacc Paniagua, Landon Thigpen and Eric Marski – and all of those guys just kept improving as the season wore on,” Lowery said. “They were all worthy of the honors of all the districts. They ramped up and played really well. They contributed and they were all leaders in the field. I am proud to see their hard work recognized.

The 2021 season was a disappointment for the Wildcats, fraught with adversity for a number of reasons, as Godley finished 3-7, including a bi-district loss to Quinlan Ford.

“You know the way I see our team is the way we ended the season – we faced a team that went to the third round and had a chance to beat them even though we had four starters in the middle. time and still had a chance to go in the fourth quarter, “Lowery said.” We competed until the end. These guys have faced adversity all year and faced adversity. in this game. There is no surrender in them. It’s like I told them, not achieving the goals you set for yourself is hard, but the things these kids have learned during their They’re going to be fighters for the rest of their lives. They’re going to keep moving forward and succeeding. That’s what this group is.

Bulldogs collect 9 selections

Venus coach Terry Spray said the 2021 season has certainly not gone as planned, with the start of their season marred by COVID issues and the cancellation of their first two games. But Spray added that he was proud to see the perseverance of the team.

“I felt like we started off at the start of the season being very productive in areas where we needed to improve,” said Spray. “Out-of-district games were a pretty tough schedule. When it became district time, we had serious injuries. We had two outside linebackers, the starting nose guard, starting center and starting defensive tackle were out. We had six serious injuries so that didn’t help us there at all. We must have played a lot of young children in the neighborhood. We started three freshmen and they did an amazing job for us. We’re not happy with what the record ended, but towards the end – like the last game with Godley – the defense played really well and I felt like this was something to work on as we started. lots of young children on both sides. “

Senior wide receiver Ismael Lucio, senior running back Enrique Garcia, senior offensive lineman Jaime Gonzales and senior defensive linemen Carlos Quijano and Joaquin Zamora receive first team honors for Venus.

“Carlos got hurt a lot at the start of the season and he finally recovered towards the end and he started to make a big difference,” said Spray. “He’s battled knee and ankle injuries throughout the year. I wish he could have had a healthy senior year. By the time he was healthy he made a big difference. Joaquin Zamora played both sides as a two-way starter in both the attacking tackle and the defensive tackle. One thing about Joaquin, his engine never stopped. He was undersized on both sides of the ball and he continued 100%. This is why he is part of the first team of all districts because he has never slowed down.

“Jaime Gonzales throughout the year we felt he was our best lineman. He had a lot of experience. When you put him together with Carlos, we were able to run behind them. It is the confidence we had in him. He will be truly missed because he’s the kind of kid who did exactly what you told him to do.

Garcia and Lucio played multiple positions for the Bulldogs and were Venus’ greatest playmakers wherever they lined up.

“The reason he was chosen as a running back is that Enrique was appointed towards the end of the season as a running back and he became a very powerful player who impressed people because not only was he in charge. football, but he was also the H-back which was a big part of the blocking, “said Spray.” He was also on the receiver, too. On offense he was all over the pitch. On the defensive end we felt he was definitely a person who had a lot of tackles and was a great defensive leader.

“We moved Lucio from wide receiver to running back to quarterback. When he was a quarterback, people quickly realized he was the man we wanted to touch in football. We felt like they were charging. so much the box every time he was in there, so we had to use it where his strengths really were and that was at the receiver level. So we put Gerardo Chairez in the quarterback position to put it back. Lucio as receiver and he made some exceptional plays. We would have liked him to be there all year, but it felt like we had to put the ball in the hands of one of our best athletes. last touchdown we made was a pass from Gerardo to Lucio and it was very rewarding on the inside. He was a very selfless player. He did everything the team asked him to do.

Second-team honors for Venus include second-year defensive back Kaden Morel, second-year running back Demarie Bell, senior linebacker Kyler Cross and first-year linebacker Adian Estrada.

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