Go Tell Crusade begins Sunday night at the Cherokee High School football stadium |

The Upper East Tennessee Go Tell Crusade is less than a week away, and organizers are thrilled that their work is paying off in the form of large numbers of people coming to hear the simple gospel of Jesus Christ.

The crusade, which will take place at Cherokee High School Football Stadium from Sunday, August 28 through Wednesday, August 31, is an evangelistic event led by Rick Gage Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia.

Local pastor John Butler of the East Rogersville Baptist Church led the charge in this Hawkins County crusade.

“Rick Gage led a crusade in Hamblen County just over two years ago and it had an incredible impact on the churches and community in Hamblen and surrounding counties,” Butler said. “We hope and pray for more of the same here in Hawkins County,” he continued.

The local group is made up of a management team led by Butler. It is made up of several local pastors, business people, and other concerned lay people throughout the Hawkins County area.

There are over 25 churches involved in the crusade and it is hoped that many more will come on board in these final days before the crusade. “We need churches, businesses, families and individuals to join us and support us with prayer, visitation and outreach, and with financial support where possible,” Butler said.

Pastor Stephen Kimery of Crossroads Assembly leads the youth team. “We could really use a local church or business to step up and support the Mega Pizza Bash that we will be hosting on Wednesday night as part of our Youth Night program. We’ll be serving pizza and drinks to hundreds of kids at the Cherokee Football Stadium concession stand on Wednesday night and you can imagine how many pizzas we’ll be eating.

Any financial help to pay for this would be greatly appreciated,” Kimery said. “We continue to raise funds to pay for the crusade — advertising, equipment rentals and more — and we also rely on church donations and public sector donations,” Butler reported.

If you are interested in providing any form of support, financial, prayer or otherwise, you can call 423-272-2496 or email [email protected]

Anyone wishing to make a financial contribution can do so by sending a check to Go Tell Crusades and mailing it to PO Box 282, Rogersville, TN 37857. All donations remain local to the Upper East TN Go Tell Crusade.

Plans are underway to honor several groups of people each night of the crusade.

Sunday August 28: Teachers and school staff will be honored with a meal in the Cherokee HS common area at 6:00 p.m. before the crusade.

Monday August 29: First responders, healthcare workers, police, firefighters and all public safety employees will be honored with a meal in the common area.

Tuesday August 30: Veterans turn to be honored with a meal in the Commons.

Wednesday August 31: Youth Night and as previously stated, all youth will be served pizza and drinks at the Cherokee HS Stadium concession stand beginning at 6 p.m.

Pastor Butler reminds everyone to partake in one of these meals if honored and then stay for the crusade at 7 p.m.

There are many areas where volunteers can serve to help support the crusade. From ushers, counsellors, parking lot attendants, to directing and singing in the choir, any volunteer help would be greatly appreciated. There are teams for reception, arrangements, prayer, counselling, outreach, youth, finance and many more.

For those interested in volunteering in any field, call 423-272-2496 to see where you can serve. For more information on upcoming meetings, volunteer needs, or other crusade-related news, you can visit the @UpperEastTNGoTellCrusade Facebook page.

Rick Gage and his team will deliver a simple and clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ each night of the crusade.

Events are scheduled at many local middle and high schools during crusade week. Services will begin every evening at 7 p.m. A choir and worship team will be on hand to lead the singing.

There are plans to move inside the Cherokee High School gymnasium in case of inclement weather. For more information regarding the event, you can visit the Facebook page @UpperEastTNGoTellCrusade or call 423-272-2496 or email [email protected]

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