Fortnite Org Team New Age partners with French football team Paris Saint-Germain

Local Fortnite organization Team New Age (TNA) has announced a partnership with Paris Saint-Germain.

The French football team’s gaming subdivision – PSG eSports – offers rosters in FIFA, League of Legends, Dora 2 and now Fortnite Battle Royale. The terms of the deal are unclear. However, TNA and PSG have confirmed a “strategic partnership” to bring more recognition to the most competitive Fortnite team.

It’s an exciting and critical moment in competitive Fortnite as a European soccer titan joins the fray. The implications are significant and it could lead to a more impressive roster down the line for Team New Age.

Details PSG x TNA

The five-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner organization has teased its potential closure in the past a few weeks. Although few people have taken the bait, such an end would follow many other Fortnite organizations before and after Team New Age. Instead, the brand hierarchy bet a deal with one of Europe’s most recognizable football teams.

Paris Saint-Germain have welcomed talents such as Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi in its 51-year history. Now, PSG’s esports division is home to some of the most decorated Fortnite players of the past three years. A brief overview of some personalities who will compete under the banner of PSG.

  • Mero – 5x FNCS champion and 8x Cash Cup winner
  • Cam – 2x Solo Cash Cup Winner and 3x FNCS Finalist
  • Muz – 3x FNCS Winner
  • Fast – 2x FNCS Winner
  • OliverOG—2x FNCS Finalist

The Fortnite Champion Series is Fortnite’s measuring stick for the best players in the world. PSG added three FNCS winners, and there’s a huge upside for the entire roster going forward.

A look at PSG x TNA

There is no doubt that Team New Age’s partnership with Paris Saint-Germain is an important deal. Aaron Kirsh – CEO and co-founder of TNA – posted a behind-the-scenes YouTube video featuring a meeting and photoshoot with Paris Saint-Germain. The organization brought its Fortnite players to New York for a junket to pose in PSG gear and interview media. It seemed official and this partnership could open more doors for TNA overseas.

What does the future hold?

The emergence of TNA in Europe could allow the organization to expand its roster. Many prominent figures in the scene recognize Europe as the most important region, given the volume of players and the robust prize pool. There are several free agents available in the market that would make significant additions to PSG TNA. However, these acquisitions would probably not come into play for a few months.

For now, PSG join Manchester City as the latest to delve into competitive Fortnite. Some might recall that ManCity Esports brought Aidan “Threats” Mong, NA East’s top player, on board last year.. Could Paris Saint-Germain’s partnership with Team New Age start a trend? We’ll have to find out as Fortnite continues to gain momentum in 2022.

The featured image: Fast on Twitter

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