Former CB Cowboys will help revive high school football team

Orlando Scandrick was a cornerback in the NFL for 11 years. After playing college ball at Boise State, the defensive back was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2008 NFL Draft. He would spend the next nine years with the Cowboys. In 125 games with Dallas, the cornerback had eight interceptions, seven forced fumbles, 11.5 sacks, 27 tackles for loss and 15 QB hits.

He may not have made a Pro Bowl or been the greatest defender to carry the star, but he was certainly a big chunk of the Cowboys defense from 2008 to 2017. After that, the Los Angeles native spent a year with the Chiefs and a year with the Cowboys’ NFC East rival, the Eagles. His time with the Eagles was interesting, to say the least. In fact, you might know Scandrick better for his Eagles commentary than for his time with the Cowboys.

After the Eagles lost a game to the Cowboys in October 2019, the Eagles decided to part ways with the cornerback. Scandrick was do not satisfied with the organization of the Eagles. He went on FOX’s “Undisputed” and called out Philly for poor culture and leadership. It looked like the cornerback missed the Cowboys. Here’s what he had to say after being cut by the Eagles:

“If I could take away one thing or one regret that I have in my entire athletic career, it would have been to stay with this Dallas Cowboys organization through thick and thin. I had a long, long conversation with Sean Lee before the game on the phone… It wasn’t even about football, it was just about his loyalty to Dallas and how happy I was for him to be over the course, to be in good health and to keep fighting. despite what everyone was saying about him. He was just telling me he loved it. He loves being in Dallas. The work he’s done with these guys. He loves coming work every day. I can’t say that my last two years of football have been like this.

Maybe his loud opinions were the reason why he wouldn’t go on to play another game in the NFL after October 2019. The trolling also continued after his career. During the Buccaneers’ dominant playoff win over the Eagles last January, the former player took to Twitter to troll Philly. He didn’t level the same criticism at the Cowboys when they brutally lost to the 49ers hours later.

However, he is not done with the game. Scandrick attempts to shoot the other football side. This week, it was announced that the former Cowboy would take up a head coaching position at a high school in Los Angeles. Scandrick will create his own culture for a team that has struggled to build a team for the past few years.

Orlando Scandrick, former Cowboys cornerback and famous Eagles troller, is looking to help revive a high school football program

The NFL veteran was recently named the new head football coach at St. Bernard High School in Los Angeles. The school is about 15 miles from where the 35-year-old grew up. But, it will not be an easy task. The football program has not participated in any matches since the spring of 2021.

The team’s former coach, Manuel Douglas, was partly to blame. Douglas was under investigation by his previous high school, but St. Bernard still hired him. A year later at Saint-Bernard, the coach resigned for “personal reasons” with one game left in the season. Many players left the team and the rest of the 2021 season was canceled as they didn’t have enough players for a full roster. Now Scandrick has to relaunch the program.

Many former NFL players find joy in helping raise the next generation of football players. Maybe that’s Scandrick’s way of doing things rather than sitting on Twitter stalking the Eagles. The school is likely hoping the former NFL player’s presence will help rekindle interest in the team. The former Cowboy told the LA Times that he was thrilled to have the chance to restart the program:

“It’s a very unique challenge and a very intriguing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. We can start rebuilding a program from scratch.

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