Football stadium PET bottles become Mr Muscle Packaging

After successful partnerships with the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team and the Milwaukee Brewers MLB team to turn recycled plastic cups from events into new packaging for its Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner, SC Johnson has expanded its program across the pond. In February 2021, the household cleaning company partnered with Liverpool Football Club in Liverpool, England to create a closed-loop recycling model for over half a million plastic bottles used at the stadium Anfield team every season.

The collaboration was born from the fact that the two groups share the same vision of sustainability. “We are delighted to add Liverpool Football Club to the organizations we partner with to help create a waste-free world,” said Alan VanderMolen, SC Johnson Community and Communications Manager. “Earlier this year, Liverpool FC launched The red lane [red being the team’s official color], his vision of sustainable development and his way of impacting society today and in the future, and we believed that LFC’s mission was aligned with the values ​​of our company.

The new partnership, called Goals for Change, includes a series of initiatives aimed at improving sustainability, health and hygiene and paving the way for greater economic and social mobility for young people in Liverpool FC communities in UK, Asia and Latin America. Among the initiatives is the Closed Loop Packaging Project, which allows stadium supporters to place their PET beverage bottles in specially designed containers. SC Johnson then collects the waste, which is recycled and used to create special edition trigger bottles for Mr Muscle cleaning products in the UK

The nearly half a million bottles used each year at the Liverpool Football Club stadium are collected and turned into new packaging for Mr Muscle.According to VanderMolen, none of the costs associated with the project will be passed on to consumers. “It will cost us more to make bottles from recycled bottles from Anfield, but it’s an investment we’re making because of the good it can do,” he says.

The program is expected to collect up to 500,000 discarded PET packaging. According to Matt Scammell, Commercial Director of LFC, “I am very optimistic about the work we can do together through this partnership, both in raising awareness and keeping our supporters safe and ultimately using our voices for good. to help the next generation of Reds. worldwide.”

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